Top 10 Hidden Facebook Messenger Features

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Majority of the people think that Facebook Messenger is as famous as Facebook. It has a billion users every month.

The maker thought of creating Messenger in such a way that it doesn’t remain merely a place for chatting. Over the time, Facebook has modified it by adding plenty of remarkable features into the Messenger. It shall not be wrong to call it the perfect platform of communication. To know about it in detail go through this blog carefully.

1.    Playing games

Facebook comprises games that are built into the Messenger application that supports its users to challenge their Facebook friends. It can be done by the chat window itself and users can have a chat with those friends for the same.

2.    Use

If you generally work on a PC and want to hide from your parents that you are addicted to the phone then, you should go to However, it does not have every function of the ‘Facebook Messenger’ application.

3.    Transferring files

Plenty of excellent features are present only for the phone’s applications of the Messenger. The web versions supports sending files of MS Word documents, pictures and videos.

4.    Sending short videos

Users can make 15-seconds videos and before uploading can use filters as well. For recording a video on smartphones, you need to click on the symbol of the camera and press the center button.

5.    Add stories

Messenger is not only for chatting. Many of the times you may feel like letting everyone know about something, this can be done by coming up with Facebook Story of the same. It is fully similar to Instagram Stories. Facebook stories can be made attractive by putting filters and Texts on it.

6.    Share audio messages

On Facebook Messenger, users can send audio messages to their friends. It shall be done by clicking on the four dot symbol. After that, by clicking on the Record Voice for making the recording. Lastly, send it to an individual with whom you are chatting.

7.    Put extensions while chatting

Facebook Messenger extensions are compatible with the third-party services by the chat window itself. You and the person with whom you are chatting with can use it at the same time as well.

8.    Sending music

You can send the favorite song of yours to your friends to Facebook Messenger by the music-streaming service.

9.    Changing the size of the emoji

The emoji can be made super-sized easily and can make your message better.

10.    Change the skin tone of your emoji

The skin tone of the emoji can be done by following the given below steps carefully.

  • Firstly, click on Settings.
  • Then, on Photo and Media.
  • After that, click on Emoji.
  • Finally, put the skin tone of your wish.

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