Take the Apple Hardware Test and Determine the Issues

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Use AHT and diagnose issues with Mac’s hardware. There may be problems with Mac’s display, processor, storage or memory. Take help of Apple’s hardware test for ruling out most of the hardware failures. You will have a better experience with Mac. It is very rare that you face an actual breakdown of hardware. Most general hardware failure is RAM. Conducting Apple Hardware Test will check Mac’s RAM. It allows you to know about the issues. You may replace faulty RAM yourself and you will save many dollars.

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Which Macs can conduct this test?All the Macs can’t use Internet-based AHT. Users must be having a local version. It should be installed on Mac’s startup drive. Or it should be included on OSX install DVD.2013 and the Later MacsMacs that are made after 2013 should be using a newer version of hardware test. It is known as Apple Diagnostics.  The mid-2010 and 2011 models may need an EFI firmware update. These are prerequisites even before you use the Apple Hardware Test. Check if Mac needs EFI,

  1. Just go the Apple menu and choose About This Mac.
  2. Tap the More Info in the opened window.
  3. Tap System Report button when you are running OS X Lion.
  4. Ensure that that Hardware is highlighted in the opened window. You will find it towards left hand.
  5. Get a record of boot ROM Account number and SMC version number from the right hand.
  6. Just head over to Apple EFI and the SMC Firmware update website.
  7. Compare version against latest available.
  8. Download the latest version if you have an older version.
  9. Using Apple Hardware Test Over Internet
  10. Run the test now, users will need to be wired or the Wi-Fi connections to the web.
  11. Ensure that Mac is off.
  12. Associate it to the AC energy expert. Don’t operate the hardware analysis with just Mac’s battery.
  13. Enter the power button and start power on process.
  14. Just hold down Option and the D key.
  15. Keep on holding till you see Starting Internet Recovery message on Mac’s screen.
  16. You will be presented with an option to choose a network.
  17. Take help of the drop-down menu and select one.
  18. Type the password if you select a wireless network connection.
  19. Type the password, tap Enter.
  20. Tap the ‘checkmark button’ on the screen.
  21. Users will see a message saying Starting Internet Recovery.
  22. Wait for some time because AHT is getting downloaded to Mac.
  23. There will be an option of choosing a language.
  24. With the help of mouse cursor, highlight any language.
  25. Tap the switch in the base right-hand edge.
  26. AHT would recognise whichever tool is installed in it.
  27. Some more time will be taken.
  28. Analysis switch will get highlighted after some time.
  29. Even before you tap the Test button, tap on Hardware Profile. Ensure that all main components of Macs are correctly showing up.
  30. Proceed to test if configuration information is correct.
  31. Tap Hardware Test tab and tap the reset button.
  32. There will be two types of tests- standard and an extended one.
  33. Take the test; you will see a status bar. This test may take some time so have some patience.
  34. The bar gets disappear with the completion of the test.
  35. You may see either no issue or a list of topics.

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