Star Wars Battlefront 2: Latest Biggest Update patch Notes and Fixes

This guide will help to gather enough information about Start wars battlefront two-game latest update with ease. In case you are looking for options to experience new things or desire to change your gameplay. Then, check out the listed newest modification, bug fixes and more that you can use to enjoy the game in your leisure time with ease.

Star Wars Battlefront 2


  • Introduced Dual zoom to the Blaster weapons of Iden Versio, Bossk and Finn.
  • Solved a power triggered an audio bug where the Lightsaber ignition sound would not activate doing a Lightsaber.
  • Introduced visual details to display that particular Hero abilities can be neglected such as Han Solo’s Sharpshooter, Chewbacca’s Furious Bowcaster, Bossk’s Predatory Instincts, and Leia Organa’s Rapid Fire.
  • Solved a bug where gamers could interrupt Hero abilities by using plenty of melee attacks.
  • Solved a bug where enemies could be noticed briefly hanging in mid-air, in the case being electrocuted right when the enemy was about to drop.
  • Solved several visual bugs with the General Grievous footprints and trails, Yoda, BB-8 and BB-9E.

2. User Interface: Latest HUD Features:

Introduced latest following options in the Gameplay / HUD section / Options:

  • Radar Squad List
  • Challenge Progress
  • Abilities
  • Name Tags
  • Player Bar
  • Game Mode Progress
  • Added new feature to the eliminate Message setting
  • Rank Up Celebration
  • Weapon Heatbar Vertical Position


  • Modified the map layout for improvised Heroes Vs. Villains and their Showdown play style on Geonosis and Yavin 4.
  • Friendly AI players can appear as Heroes on immediate action.
  • New vehicle units are introduced as AI gamers on particular locations on immediate Action like Geonosis, Naboo, Kashyyyk, Ajan Kloss and Felucia.
  • Gamers can now show up on AI as a member of the team for immediate action.
  • Many significant visual updates are available on the PC Chat page. The page is positioned now on the screen at the top right corner. It currently involved in a vertical stack of the following three widgets such a Network status, Event Log, PC Chat, and Kill
  • Character levels appear soon on the scoreboard. Several visual updates will also appear on the Scoreboard as well.  

4. BB-8 AND BB-9E:

  • Enhanced the support power score bonus for the BB units from 3 to 5.
  • Solved a bug where placeholder VO would activate when BB-9E and BB-8 would face an opponent Hero.
  • Solved a bug where casting particular effects on the BB droids during utilization of their powers, could easily cause the death of apparently random AI users.
  • Solved a bug where BB-8’s walking animation could break. In case, BB-8 gets interrupted after allocating the Rolling Charge power.
  • Solved a bug where the BB-9E “Effortless” milestone description would declare bonus utilizing names of the work-in-progress.
  • Solved a bug where a BB-8 Milestone would bonus the incorrect emote.

5. Star Card:

  • Blinded modified to Fearless
  • Effect: Enhanced Blast Radius
  • Description: THERMAL DETONATORS blast radius is boosted.

6. Balancing tweaks:

  • Enhanced E-11 end damage from 17 to 19.
  • Enhanced E-11 start damage from 32 to 36.
  • Enhanced E-11 the end distance for Damage falls off from 10 to 40.
  • Decreased E-11 Recoil.
  • Enhanced E-11, the start distance for Damage, fall off from 5 to 20.
  • Decreased E-11 blaster shots scatter.

7. Star Card Blinded disclosed:

  • Star card blinding reveal modified to the handy device.
  • Effect: decreased cooldown
  • Description: The THERMAL DETONATORS cooldown is lowered.

8. Milestones:

  • Blinding Flash Grenade modified to Plenty Of Explosions.
  • Description: Eliminate 30 opponents using Leia’s Thermal detonators.

9. Introduced the latest Frontend options in Instant Action:

  • Enemy Hero Count
  • Enemy Reinforcement Count
  • Friendly Hero Count
  • Friendly Reinforcement Count
  • Friendly Vehicle Count
  • Enemy Vehicle Count


  • Introduced a note that performance can be affected in case a player chooses a high count for AI.
  • Solved a bug with audio being cut while the End-Of-Round screen on Instant Action.
  • The applied limit in how often friendly and opponent AI Heroes and backups are permitted to shows up.


  • Solved several collision bugs, exploits and improvised location where gamers could get stuck in across a wide selection of maps such as Geonosis, Ajan Kloss, Kamino, Felucia, Kashyyyk, Endor, Tatooine, Bespin, Hoth, Crait, Yavin, Naboo, Takodana, Jakku, Resurgent-Class Star Destroyer, Starkiller Base and Death Star II.
  • Solved a bug where Lightsaber in-game characters from the Light side could avoid particular out-of-bounds locations on the Separatist Dreadnaught.
  • Improvised VFX feedback during the AAT hits AT-TE invincible parts of the Geonosis.
  • Solved several visual and texture spawning bugs on Ajan Kloss, Kamino, Geonosis, Resurgent-class Star Destroyer, Endor, Takodana, and Death Star II.
  • Solved a bug for Boba Fett’s Acute Concussion Star Card will not precisely expand the time of the Concussion Rocket power.

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