Pokemon GO: Speculations are high for Gender-based Evolution And New Spinda Character Design

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Pokémon GO is on a worldwide upraise and since the New Year 2019, it is on a roll to provide gamers with new and exciting content.

Still, curious community members and fans somehow manage to receive upcoming events and challenges prior to the release date.

Source: Pokemon GO

With numerous data miners extracting asset resource files from the update, fans successfully get to know of new Pokémon in the game even before Niantic official announcements.

One such dedicated Twitter account with handle name Chrales is completely dedicated to providing fans with the latest updates regarding any new data mine and hints in the APK for Pokémon GO.

The latest tweet posted by Chrales hints at various new tweaks and changes which would add up to create a much more dynamic feel to the game.

One of the major news out braked by Chrales post was the gender-based evolution to be included in Pokémon GO.

Gamers are excited about this new gender-based evolution system ass it would provide trainers with an opportunity to add new pocket monsters to their Pokedex.

Chrales also disclosed that the upcoming 0.133.0 update would also include twelve new Spinda forms, providing trainers with the option of catching the same Pokemon with twelve different skins.

Pokémon GO has recently included shiny skins for multiple Pokémon in the game, but this time they are going big and planning to include twelve skins for the Spinda.

Although not all players would be so dedicated to catching all the twelve Spinda forms, still hardcore fans and trainers who believe in “Catching Them All” will surely put in sufficient time and effort to catch all the twelve types of Spinda.

Continuing the post, Chrales also hinted that a new Photobomb badge is also being included in the game providing players with another reason for winning those gym battles.

Also, three new music files have been discovered by the data miners for three different moves types, and this includes Muddy Water, Razor Shell, and Blaze Kick.

With these music files, another audio file is also resourced from the update files, and it is indicated that this audio file consists of the new audio track for the PvP battles, bringing a new and exciting feel to this battle mode.

More and more information is out every day for this awesome title, and community members come up with their speculations and ideas too.

Still, it is yet to be seen how would this new update impact the in-game mechanics and improve the in-game experience for the dedicated trainers of the Pokémon GO.

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