Pokemon GO: Prepare for Hoenn Region Event

This new event is expected to last for two weeks starting from January 15th and will continue till the January 26th. All the fans of Pokemon can begin their search for generation 3 Pokemon from 1 pm PST to get hold of Hoenn Region Pokemons.

Pokemon GO

As this new event commences, various Hoenn region Pokemon would emerge much more often for trainers to add them to their Pokedex and build a much more diverse team.

 This new event will also include two Pokemon with shiny skins, which will provide new esthetics to the game. According to the speculations, it is believed that  “Zigzagoon” and “Taillow” will be the two Pokemon which would have these shiny skins.

It is also said that if the Pokemon trainers are successful in evolving “Shroomish” into “Breloom” during the Hoenn Region event, then there evolved Pokemon would automatically learn “Grass Knot” move which is quite hard to teach your Pokemon.

Grass Knot is a grass type move which varies in dealing damage, it has somewhat similar characteristics as Low Kick move, and it ensures hundred per cent accuracy. So it can provide massive boost to the Pokemon hit ratio which makes this move type much more useful.
Hoenn Region event is believed to include two legendary type Pokemon to which you can interact while Raid Battles. These two legendary type Pokemon are from generation three, and they are supposed to have a fire and water archetype.

With this event on the go, trainers who accomplish to hatch 7 km eggs would have increased probability of receiving Hoenn Region Pokemon. This would help trainers to improve their Pokedex and collect new pocket monsters.

The Hoenn Region was first observed in generation three of Pokemon video games, specifically Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. It is quite interesting to observe how Pokemon GO includes similar regions and Pokemon types from its T.V episodes and video game series.

With this new event series, it seems Niantic is entirely dedicated to making Pokemon GO amongst the top grossing games for 2019 as they have also introduced new items in style shop.
These items have a lot of resemblance to the Team Aqua and Team Magma who were featured in the Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire series.

It would be quite interesting to observe what future events are on our way. As such new and indulging events that Pokemon GO has recently started to include have made the players indulge more in the gameplay.