Guide to Fix Window 10 Not Connecting to WiFi Automatically

Windows 10 users across the world have some or the other time has faced a problem of Windows 10 computer not connecting to the saved WiFi networks automatically. Some of them have also said that their PC only connects to WiFi networks they already remember. It may be because of a sudden malfunction or due […]

Guide to Switch off the Twitter App Graph on Android and iOS

Twitter is an online news and social networking website; it helps the user to post and interact with messages known as “tweets”. Previously tweets were of only 140 characters, but lately due to increased demand, it has come to double, except in few languages.  Since its launching as a social media platform, it has gained […]

Leading Sites For Sharing Videos in 2019

A few years back, it was very difficult to share videos over the internet. But at present time the situation is completely different. Sharing videos over the internet has become very easy and simple now. You can share the video clipping with all over the world or else just show the person sitting right next […]

The Method Of Using Apple True Tone

Mostly everyone knows that Apple was established in the year 1976 on 1st April. And generally, the present generation is aware of all Apple products because of its popularity and beautiful features. If one has used the latest Apple device, the person might have noticed a new option in the settings which is named as […]

Know About Leading Applications To See Free Movies In Windows 8 And Windows 10

Most people love to watch movies in their free time. However, often people are not able to watch their favorite movies because they don’t really know where exactly they can get fully free movies to watch in Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. If even you are also among them, then you should definitely go […]

MS PowerPoint For Teachers And Students

PowerPoint is an application which consists of files based on content, pictures, diagrams with not just by using animations but also with artistic effects with the help of innumerable slides. The presence of slides makes it easier for better understanding. It is worth noting that it has been among the most significant parts of MS-Office […]

Know About Preventing Windows 10’s Inbuilt Advertising

Sadly, Windows 10 consists of plenty of inbuilt advertisements.  And many of the times while doing the official work we get disturbed in between because of advertisements. To prevent such advertisements, follow the instructions provided below carefully. Prevent Lock Screen Advertisementsa Windows 10 currently shows advertisements on the lock screen by Windows Spotlight. Many of […]

3 Leading Smartphone Shopping Applications

Most of the time people who love shopping get worried because they think they won’t be able to conclude which application they should purchase. They feel scared to buy stuff from any random application. People like to avoid experimenting when it comes to purchasing anything. If you are among one of them, then do read […]

Know About The Tips For Internet Privacy!

Nowadays, it has been observed that many individuals are eagerly waiting to know about internet privacy. Especially those who are total internet freaks as they want to be anonymous online. So finally your wait is over because given below are the tips for internet privacy. Don’t Forget Logging Out Whenever your work gets completed always […]

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