How to Use SIM PIN on iOS 12

All of the smartphones with cellular networks need SIM cards for using cellular services. The networks can be either GSM or CDMA. Presently, smartphones come with nano-SIMs wherein CDMA devices can hook up to GSM networks while roaming, and this feature is helpful for those who often tour abroad.

When one buys a brand-new iOS device such as iPhones or iPads with Cellular networks, the tab or phone comes with a SIM card that the buyer can utilize with the cellular provider of their choice. In any case, if a person buys an unlocked iPhone or in the event that a SIM card was not given with the locked phone or tab, one can go to any store that offers prepaid or postpaid mobile phone plans.

Typically, one can transfer the SIM card from one phone to another. For this reason, if you do not wish to use your iOS device anymore, you can simply pop the SIM card out and insert it in your replacement device. The SIM card will function normally.

However, many users are not aware that iOS 12 allows users to add a SIM PIN. If one sets this PIN, then whenever they reboot their iPhone or iPad, or pop its SIM card out, then the SIM card does not unlock unless the SIM PIN is entered. This stops other people from sneaking the SIM card out and using it for malicious purposes.

Steps for setting up a SIM PIN on iOS 12

  1. Unlock the iOS 12 device.
  2. Tap on the Settings app.
  3. Select Cellular from the list.
  4. Find SIM PIN and choose it.
  5. Turn the switch next to it to ON position.
  6. Enter the present SIM PIN, in case it was turned on earlier.
  7. Key in the new SIM PIN that you wish to use.    

This SIM PIN can be changed whenever you want, however, you will have to enter the older PIN for setting up a new one.

Steps for ejecting the SIM card tray on iPhones

If you have to change your iPhone or swap the SIM card, then you must know how to eject the one that is presently being used. Follow the guidelines mentioned below:

  1. Pop a small pin noodle or use the SIM ejection key that you got with your iPhone into a tiny cavity in the exterior of the SIM card tray. It will be located on the right-hand side of the iPhone.
  2. Push the pin or SIM ejection key steadily into the hole.
  3. Now, the tray will get ejected and you need to take it out carefully.
  4. Take out the older SIM card.

Steps for inserting a new SIM card

  1. In the respective tray, you need to put the new SIM card.
  2. Make sure it fits properly.
  3. Push the tray into the respective slot.
  4. Make sure it fits properly.

Protecting the SIM card

SIM cards play an important role when it comes to connectivity, and one must ensure that their SIM cards remain safe. When you add a SIM PIN, you ensure that nobody else can use your SIM card to another device. This way, nobody will be able to make calls or access the contacts saved in the SIM. However, you need to ensure that you do not forget the SIM PIN, or else, you might not be able to unlock your iPhone.

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