How To Use Multitasking Gestures On An iPad?

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Multitasking gestures are easy to do and help you to do plenty of things quickly. For instance, you can conveniently switch between applications.

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Here is how you can use multitasking gestures on an iPad.

Turning on/off multitasking gestures in Settings

Luckily, the multitasking gestures by default is turned on in the newer iPad. But if you have got a second hand or an older iPad or you are facing any difficulty in using the gestures, then you need to make sure it is turned on by visiting the iPad setting. It will have a symbol of wheel type grayish structure on it.

  1. Firstly, go to settings.
  2. Then, move downwards of the left-side menu and select General.
  3. After that, click on the multitasking option.
  4. Next, look that you will get multitasking options before you.
  5. Lastly, tap on the slider immediate after the ‘Gestures’ for turning them on/off.

Do you want to know about multitasking gestures and the way of using them?

By the name ‘multitasking gestures’ you can easily make out that it requires more than one touch. In simple words, it needs all your four fingers to work out. After you turn it on, different gestures help you to perform various functions.

The method of switching between applications

One of the most useful multitasking gestures helps in switching between applications by using some taps and moving towards leftward or rightward on display. 

Note: You require to have recently used two applications for this action to take place.

Returning to the ‘Home Screen’

Rather than pressing on the Home Button, you can use your four fingers. Similar the way you sometimes use some of your fingers for zooming in and out on your laptop. This feature is excellent because in some of the iPads home button is towards above instead of the end. So don’t need to make an extra effort by using the home top button that is placed on the top. You can do it by making its adequate gesture.

Opening the task manager

People don’t pay attention to the feature of Task Manager that it can be used to switch between applications and for closing applications. People usually get the Task Manager by doing a double click on the Home Button. But it is worth noting that by using multitasking gestures, its users can also move towards the above of the display with four fingers.

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