How to Personalize a New Tab Page in Chrome?

Just create and modify the fresh tab for better working. The new page in Chrome will be having lesser background with a more blank canvas. You can’t spruce up the pages but you can deal with its functions. There are many people for whom default new tab page in the Chrome works perfectly alright. But some alternative solutions can help the users in choosing some of the alternative solutions.

How to Change New Tab Page with Chrome’s Built-in Tools

Chrome will provide the user basic personalization that will be out of the box. A menu is needed for setting up the background. It will be there whenever you open a tab. The browser will get you covered in wallpapers. For setting it, Go to a blank new check. Tap the cogwheel symbol in the very new tab. Users can either select a background that is there with Chrome or can choose a system’s solid drive.

How to Apply a Chrome Background?

  1. Go to a fresh tab and choose the”gear” symbol.
  2. Choose Chrome backgrounds.
  3. Select an image section.
  4. Go to the category and select an image.
  5. Choose Done.  
  6. Wait for some time, and the background will load.
  7. Chrome will get behind the shortcuts.
  8. Users are finished by now.

How to use your own image?

  1. Go to the new tab.
  2. Choose that new tab and choose the gear icon.
  3. Choose Upload an image.
  4. Search and choose that image file which you have to upload.
  5. Now choose Open.

How to Change New Tab Page with Chrome Extension?

Chrome can change the background for the new tabs. Extensions will change how are new tabs have been working entirely. Go to the Chrome Web Store and find extensions of the new tab. Everything from removing websites to adding productivity can be done.

  1. Go to the browser and get to Chrome Web Store.
  2. In the search bar, write new tab.
  3. Tap Enter.
  4. Go to the left side and choose Extensions.
  5. Choose the new tab extension that you have to add to Chrome.
  6. Now till the users are having expansion connected, a new tab of the extension will get loaded at the place of native ones.
  7. You are done now.

How to Uninstall a current tab extension?

  1. In the right of the address bar, click the right icon of extension.
  2. Choose Remove from Chrome.
  3. Choose Remove.

Your new tab page will get reverted to blank one allowing you to install the new extension with Chrome’s menu so that you can customize it.