How to get a Refund from Google Play Store

Where Google PlayStore has free apps and games to download, it also has many paid apps, games, movies, songs, TV shows and books. So, if you had purchased an item from Google Play and you find that it is as you expected. And now you want your money back, therefore, don’t delay as you’ve limited time.

Just follow the below steps to get your money back from the Google Play Store:

How to take a Refund from Google Play Store for an App or Game

Refund from Google PlayStore

Asking for a refund within 2 hours:

For easily getting the refund for an app or game that you’ve purchased from Google PlayStore you need to request for refunding within 2 hours of purchasing. If you’re requesting within two hours, then here is how to do this:

1.    Launch ‘Google Play Store’ app of your device.

2.    Go to ‘Main-Menu’ by tapping on hamburger icon at the top-left corner of the screen.

3.    Select ‘Account’.

4.    And then go to ‘Order History’.

5.    Discover the ‘app or game’ for which you’re requesting for a refund.

6.    Select the ‘app or game’ and then select ‘Refund’.

7.    Confirm with ‘Yes’.

The app will remove from your device, and your purchasing amount will be refunded. You’ll also get an Email about refunding.

Asking for a refund after 2 hours

If you have exceeded the 2 hours limit, but it’s not more than 48 hours of purchasing then you can also request for the refund however now it is not as simple as the first one.

1.    Launch ‘Google Play Store’ app of your device.

2.    Go to ‘Main-Menu’ by pressing the hamburger button at the top-left corner of the screen.

3.    Select ‘Account’.

4.    Choose ‘Order History’.

5.    Locate the ‘app or game’ for which you’re asking for the refund.

6.    Tap to ‘View’ and go to ‘Developer Section’ by scrolling.

7.    And ‘Send an Email’ to the developer.

It depends on the developer and your reason whether you will be granted your refund or not. So, politely and briefly explain your reason into the requesting email.

How to get a refund from Google Play for movies, music, or TV shows

Movies, Music or TV shows returning rules are little different. Maximum time limit for returning anything is seven days. You can request for the complete payment within seven days, but the item should not be played or download. Use your device browser to ask for the refund.

1.    Navigate to your Google Play account with your browser.

2.    Log in with the Google account you’d purchased the item.

3.    Go to ‘Order History’.

4.    And search ‘Movies, Music, or TV shows’ you want to return into the order’s history.

5.    Click on the ‘Three dots’ button right to it.

6.    Select ‘Report a problem’ from the menu.

7.    And then from dropdown box select “I’d like to request a refund”.

8.    Describe the reason into the text box.

9.    And then click on ‘Submit’.

You will get a confirmation mail after submitting your request. Google will respond to your application after some time.

Similarly, you can request for the refund for a book.