How to Fix a Disabled iPad?

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What would you do if your iPad gets stolen and somebody decides to hack the code? Your iPad will get disabled after several wrong passcode entries. If your iPad is disabled, then read on to find the way to fix it.

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How long will it be disabled?

iPad would get useless for some initial time. This disability will last for five minutes if you write the incorrect passcode again. If somebody is trying to open it with the wrong password again and again, then the iPad will get disabled eventually.

What to do if the iPad is disabled even when you didn’t type any wrong passcode?

Maybe someone else tried to type in the wrong password, and this is the reason that it has got disabled. There can be your child who must have typed in some wrong password with no awareness about the further damage.  Childproof your iPad from the reach of children.

How to make a Disabled iPad work again?

There is no other option rather than to reset the permanently disabled iPad. Reset it to the factory default state, and it will get to the country where you got it first.  It will be for your own protection, even if it looks like a punishment. What can be better than this that your iPad will get permanently disabled if some random person tries to access it? Keep the person away from accessing data of your iPad. Create Find My iPad as it is the easiest way for resetting iPad with iCloud. This feature of Find My iPad is having an idea of rebooting iPad remotely. Use it for resetting your iPad, just follow the below-given steps:

  1. Sign in to the iCloud account.
  2. Tap Find My iPhone.
  3. Select the iPad.
  4. Tap Erase iPad link.
  5. Just store it again from the identical system that was taken up for setting it up.
  6. Take help of sync the iPad to iTunes.
  7. Connect the iPad to the PC and use the cable that comes with iPad and downloads iTunes.
  8. You will get to the syncing process.

What would you do if you can’t connect iPad to the PC?

Find my iPad feature is actually essential. Take help of the recovery mode. Go to the Recovery mode if you haven’t set it up. Do not set your iPad with PC. Just unlock it by going to Recovery Mode of iPad. Users may find it to be a little more complicated as compared to a general restore.

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