Guide to Switch off the Twitter App Graph on Android and iOS

Twitter is an online news and social networking website; it helps the user to post and interact with messages known as “tweets”. Previously tweets were of only 140 characters, but lately due to increased demand, it has come to double, except in few languages.  Since its launching as a social media platform, it has gained momentum in every country as per its usage. It has almost surpassed the popularity of other social sites, even though it does not provide unlimited features. Those users who do not want to be more comprehensive in search and wants to give their thought a clear definition then Twitter is the best social site for them. Recently around a year ago, Twitter launched “Tailored Suggestion” that helps to follow more people as per your interest. Keep reading to know about the Twitter Application graph:

Source: Twitter App

The mobile application of Twitter is quite good. It is generally used to communicate with followers and following gives you the option to explore almost beyond Twitter using the mobile application. As it is well known that previously it has no such feature which may help Twitter to accumulate raw data about the user’s phone. Now, Twitter can track all of your installed application. Generally speaking, Application Graphs helps Twitter to collect data about your installed applications on phone. Remember that Twitter Application Graph runs only on the mobile app, like, Android and iOS. As per Twitter, they are gathering the data to improve ads, sponsored tweets, who to follow, timeline content, etc. Though Twitter can collect data from the app, still it does not preview all things from the installed app on your mobile. It means, suppose you have installed WhatsApp on your Android or iOS phone, Twitter would know that, but would not track the conversion you are involved with the other person via WhatsApp between you and your partner. Therefore, you can say it is quite guarded to be monitored by Twitter. But if you do not want to be followed by this process of Twitter, because of an unsafe feeling, you have a simple way that gives you an option to switch off the Twitter Application Graph.

 Guide to Disable Twitter App Grap on iOS

It is quite easy. You have to launch the Twitter Application on your iOS device and visit theMe button. Then you may have to hit on Gear icon. It appears like the setting button.

After that visit to Settings and choose the account which you prefer to adjust. Then you have to visit the Privacy section and search Tailor Twitter based on my Application and switch it off.

Guide to Disable Twitter Application on Android

First, you have to launch the Twitter Application on the Android phone and hit on the List icon or Overflow icon. Then, visit Settings and choose the account which you prefer to adjust.

Visit to Other section and search Tailor Twitter based on my Application and switch it off.

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