There are a bunch of new video games that are already confirmed for the PS5 and Xbox Series X; however, there is still time in the launch of these two gaming consoles. There is still some information that is yet not known about the PlayStation 5, and the fans are hungry regarding the launch of PS5. Some fans are speculating that Sony may launch its long-awaited PlayStation in February, but this news is also just a part of a news leak. Since a console launch is a massive event and so many companies, which include not only the first party studios but also the third party publishers have already jumped into the field with their games. However, Some big publishers such as Electronic Arts and Ubisoft are the only ones that have previously announced the next generation games for the gaming consoles going to be released soon.

Additionally, the fifteen first-party studios of Xbox and fourteen studios of Sony are all busy to develop the next generation games for the gaming consoles. Here is the overview of the games that are confirmed for Xbox Series X and PS5:-

First-Party Games and Exclusives for Playstation

Naughty Dog and Sony Santa Monica Studio are trendy first-party studios of Sony and both have together produced some legendary games such as God of War, Uncharted, and The Last of Us franchise. The executives of Sony have already confirmed that the first party studio comes Sony is all working hard to develop the games for the upcoming consoles. The developing team is all set to release the game, and the new titles will be revealed soon. The Last of Us 2 could be released by Naughty Dog in May, and Bluepoint may also announce some video games early, but Godfall developed by Gearbox and Counterplay is the only real confirmed game exclusively for PS5.

First-Party Games and Exclusives for Xbox

Although all fifteen first-party studios are working hard in developing the games for the next generation gaming console of Microsoft Xbox Series X, it seems that Xbox has gained a significant advantage in terms of blockbuster exclusives for its gaming console. Microsoft has confirmed the release of Halo Infinite on Xbox series X, and once released, the game is going to become one of the most significant entries of this year. Microsoft has also announced the release of Senua’s Saga Hellblade 2, but the release date is not confirmed. The announcement of these two big games could be seen as significant power moves from Microsoft and has the potential to entice the potential gamers.

Third-Party Games on Xbox Series X and PS5

A lot of games are going to be released on Xbox series X and PS5 from third party publishers also as Ubisoft and Electronic Arts have already announced the list of games they are working on and will be released soon. Ubisoft has confirmed the release of at least five games on Xbox Series X and PS5, which includes the name of some big names such as Gods and Monsters, Rainbow Six, Watch Dogs Legion and Quarantine. If Ubisoft is working on Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok though it is a rumour, the release is going to be a big hit for the new consoles. Electronic Arts have confirmed the names of two games, including The Sims 5 and Battlefield 6 for the upcoming gaming consoles, and another publisher Bethesda is also working on The Elder Scrolls 6. Some other titles which are waiting for their releases are Dying Light 2 developed by Techland and The Lord of The Rings Gollum developed by Daedalic Entertainment.

Rumoured Games releases for Xbox Series X and PS5

There are several games to be released that are yet not confirmed by the developers, but rumours are a lot in the gaming industry. Some rumoured titles are the sequels of God of War and Spider-Man by Sony and Grand Theft Auto 6. Assassin’s Creed developed by Ubisoft is also included in the rumoured list.