Doxxing: Everything You Need to Know About The New Age Cyber Threat

The digital space has become an integral part of the human lifestyle. Our digital identity becomes as essential as real-world identification. All important information like email ID, banking details, work, and other related information is like an asset for us. The easy availability of the internet facilitates us a lot, but it also provides opportunities for cyber crimes and theft. With the passing of every minute, our information becomes prone to snooping and stealing. Doxxing is from one of them. It is related to getting access of someone on some other’s digital world.

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 Purpose of Doxxing:

Malicious intent to reveal anyone’s private information from any digital platform like a social network, a public organization, and portals for victimizing an individual is the main course of Doxxing. Sometimes it would be personal revenge, sometimes evil intent or competition or any other enmity. It is a dangerous tool that can reveal anyone’s secrecy and spoil their life. Generally, doxxing has a particular purpose like public defacing, embarrassment or expression of personal grievance. Sometime it could be a tool of money extortion also, in which you pay someone to hide your secret or to remove specific information from public space.

Origin of Doxxing:

As philosophy and intentions indicates, it is coming all straight from the dark world of cyber crime where documents are referred as Dox initially. Initially, it consists the all related information that could be helpful during launching attacks. Now a day it becomes very common to peek into anyone’s digital affairs due to a plethora of ways and information in the virtual world and such activity comes under Doxxing.

Ways of Doxxing

Internet protocol (IP) Address Log

Any system that you are using for a digital activity must have a digital address that is known as its IP address. Doxxing experts are using IP Log to address the activity and position of the victim. A doxxer reveals your information as well as identity by going through with your digital location, especially when they associate your name and account with a specific website or search engine algorithm.

Wi-Fi Sniffing

 It is another tool through which doxxers breach into your digit world. Weak password of your Wi-Fi router or modem makes it bit pretty easy. They interpreted the data that you send via Wi-Fi and get relevant information like Email ID, Bank account details and many other confidential data.


A smartphones security breach can be most dangerous because it contains all vital information as well as your private files, images, and videos.

Social media snoop

Now a day people get intensely connected with social media platforms and share many images and views. Any kind of security breach with it unfolds your private chats and sharing that could be an embarrassment for you.   So, critically designed username and password and other necessary security arrangements on social platforms as well as on personal devices is must for everyone in this digital era.

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