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Top 4 Tricks To Make Your YouTube Work

There are some situations when suddenly YouTube doesn’t work at all. It happened last year in October for more than sixty minutes. Mostly everyone observed it. But there are other cases when YouTube facility is working, but the net connected with YouTube doesn’t work correctly. Tricks to help you fix YouTube problem quickly. Some ways […]

Best Uses Of Cortana On Windows 10

Cortana is one of the most active and helpful features of Windows 10. The drastic change is that it is available not just in Windows phones but also on PC. Many of the time people think that it only works as an assistant but actually, people can also give orders and put up their queries. […]

Best Tips For Your New Google Home Speaker!

After purchasing Google Home Speaker you just need to plug it and then manage it in a proper way so that you can begin utilizing it for yourself. It has lot many different features like giving not just weather and climate report but also allows playing of music. It’s a very significant device that can […]

Best 5 Gifts For Technology Friendly Kids

Presently, most of the younger generation are aware of the technology and its uses.  It will not even be wrong to say that many of the children are merely natural-born engineers. To polish the skills of kids is the duty of their parents. To know about some of the best stem gifts for technology friendly […]

Top 4 Tricks for Preventing Your Phone from Overheating

In phones, extreme heating levels can lead to a lot of adverse outcomes. For instance, the battery may get exhausted quickly; the phone may suddenly switch off, etc. Other issues may also appear, so to avoid such issues in your phone kindly go through this blog carefully. How to prevent your phone from overheating? Prevent […]

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