Best iOS Apps for Tesla Car Owners

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It doesn’t matter that you have been using the Tesla car for some time or you have just bought it the first time or using the electric vehicle. There is always some tweak to experience it better with the help of the smartphone applications. You can employ the devices like a smartphone to search for the charging stations situated in your vicinity. It also gives the statistical analysis for the Tesla vehicle and many more features. If you have iOS devices, then you can avail the benefits of these below-listed applications:

1. Remote S for Tesla App

It is the best application for Tesla car owners. Its developer is one of the active members of the community of Tesla. It executes the almost all functions virtually that can be worked with the official APIs of Tesla. You can take the list of remote commands which are supported namely ON/OFF the HVAC, controlling temperature, enabling/disabling the Valet Mode, flashlights etc. Apart from the remote commands, this application can assist you to pay much lesser on the charging. Among all apps, Remote S for Tesla app is actively working with the newly updated variants.

2. PlugShare App

It is the most exact and absolute map for public charging globally. Its database captures the charging stations across the main networking systems from the continent of North America and Europe. Overall, the database covers about 100000 charging stations along with their images and feedback on them. With this application, it consumes little time to position almost all the public charging stations which are supported by the Tesla electric vehicle. Here, you can also employ this application for payment in case of charging your electric vehicle. This app can support the Visa, MasterCard and many more. You can process your payment quickly with the security.

If you are stuck on the station which is not available in the database of this app, then you can upload it also for guiding others. All charging stations are based on the rating and reviews. In this app, the community can claim mishaps with the charging station enlisted in the database of this to update it.

3. TezLab App

Similar to other electric vehicles, Tesla vehicles are also concerned about endurance and efficiency. It is generally equipped with modern sensors. Tesla cars produce piles of databases, and it can be accessed to their owners through APIs. The data given can be important for determining the efficiency of the vehicle in terms of the percentage of the mileage rating that is ideal in the case.

This smartphone application traces a multitude of factors which Tesla sends and uses that details and splits it into the exciting metrics that Tesla owners can be satisfied with their requirements.

4. Teslarati App

It is an excellent source to keep in touch with the news related to Tesla. There is the database of Tesla Superchargers with real-time crowdsource. With the benefits of this application, Tesla vehicle owners can be connected and conversed with the other owners. Most of the Tesla owners desire to understand the trends of electric vehicles in the market and about the latest technology that Tesla will bring in future. It can be considered the authentic source regarding the news on Tesla and electric vehicles.

Teslarati app is not just about the source of pertinent news but also the community having about 50000 users that it holds. They engage in the fruitful discussions with a quick reply, and also they address the latest Tesla positions.

5. Tesla Motors App It is the official iOS application run by Tesla Motors team. It permits the straight conversation for the Tesla owners with Powerwalls. It can show the charging process on a real-time basis. It is a smart app that can administer the locks, charging and even it can modify the temperature of the vehicle prior to driving it. It is equipped with a smooth UI (user interface). It doesn’t envelope many functionalities as covered under the Remote S for Tesla.

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