Best iMessage Games of the Year

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You will see many games in the App Store for iMessage. You can challenge your competitors in any of these iMessage games and send the invitation to your friends to play them. The game leaderboards can also be checked, but every game doesn’t have leaderboard feature.

You can have a conversation with your friends to share the scores and achievements with them. If you want to download any game which supports iMessage, and then go to the App Store and type the name of the game in the search bar and after that, click on the install button.

Some of the leading iMessage games are listed below:

1.    Game Pigeon

In Game Pigeon you will get multiple games that are Eightball, Poker, Sea battle, Anagrams, and Gomoku. You can play these games without paying anything. These games are easy to play.

Here you can compete with your friends and earn the highest scores in comparison to them.

You can download Game Pigeon from the App Store. This application permits you to change the volume and music as per your wish.

2.    Wordie

Wordie is the word finder game to fill the space with a correct alphabet. You have to guess the alphabet with the four images. This game has six hundred levels. If you are not able to think the alphabet, then you can take the help of your friend.

Each level becomes harder after clearing the previous level. Each level gets automatically unlock after winning the previous one. You can connect this application with your Facebook account so that you can quickly check the leaderboard of that person which play well in this game.

3.    Cobi Hoops

In Cobi Hoops, you can challenge your competitors and enjoy this game with your friends. You can unlock the new players and also can change the setting into challenge mode to play the game with the opposite player.

You can also download the latest version of this game from the App Store which is named as “Cobi Hoops 2.” This is a basketball game for iMessage. The players can check the baskets score which they have played for only thirty seconds.

4.    Let’s Puck It

This is a game of hockey for iMessage. Let’s Puck It is a game that is hard to play because in every level the speed of the volleyball increases. You can download this game from the App Store and can also uninstall it when not needed.

You can create stakes by going to the option which is “loser buys dinner.” This game is free to use, and you don’t have to pay anything to enjoy this game.

How to Download iMessage Games?

If you have a new iPhone, then steps will be different for your phone, but the guidelines given below are the same for any of the version of iPhone. An updated version of iPhone will not support the game for iMessage.

Follow the given steps to go to the App Store inside iMessage:

•    Make a new chat.

•    Click the “Applications” symbol given on the next side of the iMessage box.

•    Press the “Grid” symbol in the left side of the display from the Application menu list.

•    Click the “Store” icon. You will find this at the top of the options list.

•    You will receive an option of choosing any applications and games which supports iMessage. Search for the game you like to install on your device and after that, click “Get” to install that game.

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