– How to Download, install & Activate McAfee Online

McAfe Activate – These days cyber attackers are advanced enough to wipe bank account and steal essential business details from your devices remotely. There are many cyber attacks that can affect your business as well as private data through ransomware, data theft, malicious emails, and more. If you do internet banking, online transactions using debit or credit cards, and other sensitive work on your device, then you should never ignore the importance of a good cybersecurity program. McAfee is one of the best web security programs when it comes to protection from cyber attackers. McAfee offers a wide range of security programs that comes with the monthly and yearly based subscription. If you wish to try it out, then what’s the wait? Have a look at

What is 25-digit McAfee activation code?

McAfee activation key is a unique code made for activating the McAfee security program subscription. Whenever a user purchases a McAfee product, they get a unique product activation key to claim their subscription. The key is made up of 25 unique alphanumerical characters.

Where to look for it?

  • Open the product packing and then find the retail card inside it. Then look for the printed product key on it. 
  • If you bought the McAfee security program online through, then you have to open the email sent to you on your registered email address. The activation code or key is located inside that mail. 

How to Download the McAfee Setup and Activate the Subscription

mcafee activate

In order to download the McAfee setup, obey the guidelines mentioned here:

  1. Turn on the computer and open any web browser.
  2. There you will find a link on your retail card, and you have to go to that link on a web browser. If there is no link on the retail card, then visit
  3. Choose your country and language.
  4. The website will try to get your country and language based on the current location of your device. So before you continue, please ensure that your details are correct. 
  5. After that, enter the below details when asked:
    1. Your complete McAfee product key.
    2. Your email ID.
  6. Hit the Submit option.
  7. Ensure that the email address that you have provided in the previous step is right. If it is entered incorrectly, then press the Edit option. 
  8. Once the email is entered correctly, just tap the Verify option. 
  9. The McAfee subscription has now be claimed, and your product key has been redeemed as well.
  10. The on-screen instructions will help you in creating a new McAfee account, and the McAfee setup will be downloaded automatically. 

How to Install McAfee on Windows or Mac

Follow the steps to install the McAfee security program on your device.

  1. Launch your preferred web browser on your computer and then type in the URL bar of the browser. You must do it on the Mac or Windows PC in which you wish setup the security program.
  2. Go to My Account and then press on Sign In.
  3. Provide your complete registered email ID and password. 

(In case you are new, then press on the Are you a new user? Register Now option.Click the Log In option).

(If you want your web browser to save your login credentials then select the Remember Me option).

  • After that, visit the My Account tab.
  • Choose the McAfee security product that you wish to install and then press the Download button. 
  • Carefully go through the whole End User License Agreement (EULA), and once you read it press the, I Agree option to accept the program’s agreement. 
  • Follow the on-screen prompts and instructions to complete the installation process.

How to Install McAfee on Smartphones and Tablets

To download and install McAfee on mobile devices, read these instructions:

  1. Open up a web browser and then navigate to
  2. Once the website loads, head to the My Account option and then click on the Sign In button.
  3. Provide the required sign-in details and then press the Log In.
  4. Once you are logged in to the account, head to the (+) button.
  5. Choose the mobile device and then tap the Send Link option. You need to choose the platform of your mobile device as well as the security product that you want to install on your mobile.
  6. Once that done, hit the Next button.
  7. Choose the country you live in and then and provide the mobile number of the device on which you want to install the software. If you are installing McAfee on a tablet, then type the nickname of your tablet. (McAfee will send an installation link on the mobile device via SMS or email.) 
  8. Navigate to the McAfee email or SMS on the device in which you are going to install McAfee and then press the Download Now button.
  9. Once the link opens, press the Download button and then go through the McAfee’s License Agreement.
  10. Open the app store of your mobile device and then press the Open button.
  11. In the McAfee antivirus app, log in to your McAfee account and then make a six-character pin.