Instagram Will Soon Let Users Download Their Data

By | April 13, 2018

Since data protection and cyber privacy has become a concerning problem in the world, there is a need for social networking giants like Instagram to ensure the privacy and protection of the data shared by its users. The new and upcoming Data Protection Bill of United Kingdom has a provision to allow data portability. This means that a user will be allowed to take their data from one service and move it to another competitor service. To which end, Instagram, a property of Facebook, confirmed that it will soon bring in a new data portability feature.

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The spokesman for Instagram said over email that they are working on building a new data portability tool. The users will now be able to download a copy of whatever they have shared on Instagram. They can download photos, videos, and messages. Although it is not known when this new data portability tool will launch, it has been speculated that it will get launched before 25th May. Also, this upcoming tool will allow the users of Instagram to monitor how much of their data is on Instagram. It will also ensure that Facebook owned Instagram complies with the impending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The new European data privacy rule has a provision requiring all of the data to be portable.

Recently the data of more that 87 million Facebook users was shared, resulting in the Cambridge Analytica scandal. A data mining firm improperly accessed the personal data of the users. This scandal prompted the Facebook users to download their data from Facebook to verify what all information Cambridge Analytica has about them. Since 2010, Facebook has a feature which allows the users to download an archive of all the data they have on the platform. Even though Facebook had a data download feature, there was no such option available on Instagram.

The complete picture and scope of the data portability tool of Instagram is not known yet. However, If Instagram follows the Download your Information tool on Facebook, it will mean that the new service will allow users to download an archive of their photos, videos, messages, etc. The users can now switch to competitive platforms of Instagram without worrying about losing their data. Another added advantage of this feature is that it will make it easier to quit Instagram. The new feature will ensure that users can safely import their Instagram data to their local library or other social media platforms.  Earlier, all the users were allowed to delete their Instagram accounts but in order to download a copy of their data, they would have had to resort to third party services.

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