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Facebook to enter Digital Payments in India starting with Messenger

Recently, Facebook has been grabbing the attention for the allegation of violating user privacy and misusing personal data. There was not anything to worry about there are some of the Hidden Facebook settings from which you can stop your personal data being stored on Facebook.  A big update is coming for all the facebook users who wish… Read More »

Best Tips for Safe Internet Use

As we all are aware by hacking, scams, malware infection, phishing and many other devices which are infected the devices or damage the device, so while using the Internet users can feel like a dangerous place these days. The perfect way to be safe on the Internet is to keep the personal details private. Use… Read More »

#Delete Facebook Movement Fails To Woo The Americans

The recent Cambridge Analytica scandal led to an outrage amongst users, resulting in a #DeleteFacebook movement. Facebook users started using hashtag DeleteFacebook and threatened to leave Facebook to protest in the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica data breach. The consulting firm improperly obtained the data of around 87 million Facebook users for Donald Trump election campaign. While Facebook has… Read More »

How to Download and Install or Reinstall Office 365 or Office 2016 on a PC

All want a comfortable or convenient software to work in different areas- home business and education. Microsoft Office is a family of user software, server software, and services designed by Microsoft.  It has more version as 2007, 2008, 2010, 2013, 2016, etc. and users are using all the text as per comfort. But sometimes users… Read More »

Data Breach Stirs Up Scare for Delta Air and Sears Holding Customers

Security researchers raised their concerns as a malware attack resulted in a massive data breach that lasted about half a month. It is estimated that this cyber-attack may have leaked the credit card details and information of a large customer base availing the services of Delta Airlines and Sears Holdings. The common link between the… Read More »

Role of MS Office in Reforming Education

Technology and digital literacy has revolutionized the field of education. Classrooms have transcended the boundaries of the four walls. Teachers no longer use just a chalk and blackboard. Students no longer lug around the weight of multiple books in their backpacks. Assignments are no longer submitted in stacks of paper. The digital world has changed… Read More »