YouTube Releases Stories for Creators with Over 10K Subscribers

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We all love hearing and telling stories! In the olden times, friends used to meet up and exchange stories of their younger days. Owing to the digital revolution, the method and mode of sharing stories have undergone a huge overhaul. A majority of popular social networks and messaging apps have their individual versions of Stories. Facebook, WhatsApp, Messages, Snapchat, and Instagram, allow users to share pictures, text, or short videos in the form of stories.


Following their tracks, popular online media streaming service – YouTube- has recently launched its very own Stories functionality. The company began engaging with the thought when it started the Reels to the Community tab.

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Nevertheless, a few months ago, individuals started seeing Stories from some channels popping up in the YouTube app. The company has now officially released this feature.

Any Creator, given they have above ten thousand subscribers; can now use the newly launched Stories feature. This feature will enable them to add instant videos and pictures for their subscribers to see. Text, stickers along with filters can also be added to the Stories. In order to use it, they just need to press the video option located in the YouTube mobile app and select the option called Create Story.

Commenting on YouTube stories is also possible. And, on Instagram, anyone can see the comments made on Stories. Some social media apps allow only the Story poster to view the comments. But, YouTube allows everybody to see and react to the comments.

The creators will be given access to the moderation tools to offer quick replies through images or videos. As per YouTube, those who have subscribed to the channel can view Stories in their subscription pages.

Users will also get recommendations regarding stories from the channels they have not subscribed to. These suggestions will be visible in the home page or Up Next. While YouTube has set the stories to stay visible only for seven days, users can modify it.

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