Where to Find Gems in Luigi’s Mansion 3?

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a game filled with thrilling adventure, ghosts, ghouls, and hidden gems. In the game, there are 15 floors, and each one has 6 gems that you need to find. But some players are unable to track them and if you are one of them, then do not worry as we will help you out. For that, check out the following guide to learn about the location of gems in the game.

Luigi's Mansion 3

Here are Luigi’s Mansion 3 Locations to Track down Gems

Basement Gems

  • Under the Stairs: You will find the gem by using the Gooigi underneath the staircase. From the right side, drop the Gooigi in the hallway.
  • In the Generator: Slip through the fence to pull the electric panel using the Gooigi plunger. With this, you can easily open the generator to attain the gem.
  • In the Car: Locate the car next to E. Gadd’s lab and use the vacuum to take out the sheet. Now, use the vacuum again to start the light to pop out the gem.
  • In a Secret room: Go to the metal gate next to the car and collect the vacuum. Now, open it up using the plunger to locate a multistoried room. Get the latter and use your clone to attain a gem in the room.
  • In Laundry Room: Find the washing machine and open it with the help of a plunger to gain the gem.
  • In the Hallway Painting: Turn on your dark light to locate the gem hidden in a painting.

First Floor Gems

  • Behind the Reception Desk: Gamers need to allocate the vacuum flashlight to reveal the cubbies behind the reception desk. Open it up and collect it.
  • In the Lobby: When you reach the lobby’s right side, one can easily locate a gem tied up in a vase. All you need to do is smash the jar with the plunger and get it.
  • In the Chandelier: You can easily locate the gem in the ceiling’s ole light. For that, use Gooigi and Luigi together and spin the ole light with the vacuum to collect the gem.
  • Behind the Elevator’s Painting: To pull the gems from behind the painting, use the suction cup to open some space and reveal it.
  • In a Haunted Couch: Capture the gem ghost using the haunted light and collect another gem.

Second-floor Gems

  • In the Dressing Room: Get the gem by finding the safe in the dressing room.
  • In the Fridge: Open the fridge using the plunger and push the fish back by pulling the strings. Get gem present in the ice block; head to the stove and use to melt it down.
  • In the Dining Room: Find the silverware propeller by clearing the circular section. Now, use Gooigi and Luigi together to spin them together to dropdown the gem.
  • In the bathroom: Catch the gem ghost after breaking the stall down in the bathroom.
  • In a secret room: Find the room with E. Gadd painting. Afterwards, utilize the vacuum to spin the chandelier and collect the gem.
  • Behind the Dartboard: Head to the game room, pull one sword out of the wall, and smash it on the dartboard to get the gem.

Third Floor Gems

  • In the Men’s Bathroom:  Squeeze the Gooigi through the pipe in the men’s bathroom to attain the gem.
  • In the Jewellery Shop: Open the glass using any shooting items and break the glass to get the gem.
  • In the Hidden Passageway: Go the Boutique clothing shop and get the plunger to pull out the gem containing chest.
  • In a Vending machine: Try activating the machine using the flashlight numerous times and avail gem accordingly.

Fourth Floor Gems

  • In the Tuba: Outside the elevator, you need to use the blower to play the tuba and catch the floating gem.
  • In the room down the hall: Send Gooigi from the gate to unlock each bottle to find the gem.
  • In the bathroom: Find a missing faucet using the haunted light in the sink. A gem ghost will appear, catch him, and get the reward.
  • In the Piano: First of all, defeat the boss and get access to the side room of the stage. Use the Dark Light to locate the keys of a broken piano. Find them and repair the piano to access the gem.
  • In a popcorn machine: To get the gem, you need to use a flashlight to activate the machine’s signal.
  • In the Balcony: Defeat the ghost orchestra by destroying the wall using a super vacuum. Now, a bag of popcorn will appear in front of you, use the flashlight to reveal a gem.

Sixth Floor Gems

  • In the Royal Coffers:  players need to use the Dark light to locate a secret passage. Walk inside to attain a gem and gold.
  • In the Suit of Armor:  After eliminating the boss, head back to the elevator and collect the suit of armor. Open it up to get your gem.
  • The Wine Cellar:  Hit the barrel with the plunger and find a gem.
  • In the Cage:  Blast the propeller to lower the cage. Use Gooigi to enter in it to collect the gem.