Top 5 Smartwatches to Invest in 2019

Despite the fact that smartwatches have existed for a while, their invasion into fashion is very new. Organizations like Samsung, Apple, Asus, Huawei, and a few others are working hard to enhance the watches, and genuinely improve the experience very impressively.

Smartwatch is a wearable computer that is very similar to watch and way ahead of it. It looks like a digital watch but facilitates us many other features along with timekeeping. It monitors heartbeat, tracks your movement and has the ability to pair itself with your smartphone. It comes with a touchscreen display and supports many apps similar to tablet and laptop. The smartphone-smart watch combination provides much other functionality like weather forecast, stock market information, your travel map & direction and many others.

Although it has facilitated human in many ways, from the evolution of smartwatches, the discussion uproars about the design and existence of it in the era of smartphone and computer. Many believe that it is a necessary gadget for our busy lifestyle but some other treat it an extra burden. A large number of customers still trust that the customary, simple watches are way, a lot better as they are made with extraordinary exactness, just as flawlessness. It has added other discussions about how smartwatches should be.

Beside these supportive and opposing arguments, here are some best smartwatches which not only ornament your wrist but also a sensor to enable you to be active and be in touch with your smartphone in every situation.

Best smartwatches to buy this year


It is simply the best in the market. It is equipped with a 40 t0 44mm OLED screen and watchOS which provides extra memory, larger buttons, improved fitness facet, very active heartbeat sensor with electrocardiogram and many other advanced features.

Newly implemented dual-core processor, improved speaker for the cellular model makes it a must buy smartwatch.


Best Android smartwatch in the list. Anyone who likes GUI will love it for sure. 1.3-inch AMOLED screen, Tizen software, stylish Gear six look with 42 mm screen and black, silver and gold outlook make it the popular smartwatch among all kind of user.  Heartbeat count, workout recognition, fitness tracker and real-time GPS are the additional features that are attractive about this watch.


The most applauded smart wearable with Android and iPhone OS compatibility. The most stylish look and advanced technology. Built-in heartbeat sensor, sporty look and six different set of colour is the unique feature that catches the attraction of all kind of customer or watch lover.


It is the most beloved smartwatch by music lovers. It not only entertains you with its musical feature but also keeps a close eye on your day to day physical activity. Gym goers love its ability to measure length, tempo meter and ground contact time measurement feature. Some amazing facilities like waterproofing, offline music play, thermometer and direction guidance, make it the most efficient smartwatch.


It is an expensive but luxury wearable with some most astonishing qualities. The carbon material build-up makes it stronger and damage-proof in comparison to other smartwatches. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 chip, 18 cm display with high definition screen establish it as a sumptuous smartwatch.