Top 5 Applications for Chromecast

Have you purchased a Google Chromecast to stream your favorite films and TV shows? There are several applications which let you stream other stuff from your favorite website to your television. You can not only stream movies and TV shows, but you can also transfer photo, videos, etc.

You can also send your current location to your friends by using these applications to let them know where you are. You can transform your television into the strongest multimedia system with the help of these applications.

  1. Google Photos

Google Photos help you to keep your special moments safe. It is an important application for saving your images or videos in a well-organized manner. Here you can post your pictures and leave it on the Google Photo to do the rest.

In case you don’t want to consume all of your your phone memory by keeping images or videos on the phone, then you can transfer that images or videos on Google Photos. Google Photo gives you a suggestion to use this collage made by them.

 If you want to share the images with your friends, then you can do so with the help of its latest feature which is “Live Albums.” With this app, you can mirror your photos on your TV.

2. Shoebox

Shoebox helps your phone to have more storage in your pictures album by putting that photos in Shoebox folder. If you want to have those photos also in your new phone, then this application will help you by logging with the same email address as on your old phone.

This application gives you a faster service to transfer those photos in a Shoebox folder. You can also share those pictures with your friends. You can provide a title for each album and place similar images in the same folder.

You can share multiple pictures at one time by clicking and long pressing to choose numerous pictures and then press on the share button. This app allows you to screen automatic slideshows on your TV.

3. Web Video Cast

Web Video Cast permits you to play your favorite videos on the television provided on the sites which contain movies, series, live sports match, latest news and many more. This application paired with great streaming gadgets, permitting the television to stream your favorite videos given on the websites.

This application records the link of those websites from where you want to play your favorite video and then transfer that link into any streaming gadget.

Web Video Caster is not a battery consuming application. This app also identifies the subtitles from that website. You can go through these steps to stream your favorite video:

•    Search for that video you like to play.

•    Ensure that video can be watch on phone default web browser by not using Flash.

•    Paring to the streaming gadgets.

•    Press the “Play” option to watch that video.

4. Server Cast

Server Cast permits you to cast the high dimensional videos in many gadgets from the numerous websites or the local folder in the phone or tablet. Server Cast supports many different gadgets. You can use any of these gadgets to cast your video.

You can install this application from the App Store to see a video which has a good quality by pairing with many gadgets.

5. GPlayer

If you want to watch any video format, then you can do so with the help of GPlayer application. You can take the help of iTunes to sync any movies faster in the GPlayer. You can download any of the movies without using the cable in this app. With this app, you can easily search for any particular movie by entering the name of that movie you want to watch. You can place subtitles in your movies by going to the subtitles option.