Top 11 Ways to Fix Downloading App Issues on iPhone

Your iPhone not being able to download an app is certainly among the most irritating things one may encounter. If you are among the users who are facing this issue, then do not falter as we will help you out. It does not matter if it is a bug or a setting issue the bug can hinder your experience and enjoyment. So here are the best 11 solutions to fix the app downloading issue on your iPhone.

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Reasons for the Issue

There are numerous reasons issues that can create this problem such as bugs, Apple ID, iPhone settings, mobile data or payment methods. So here are the best 11 ways to fix the issue.

11 Ways to Fix Downloading App Issues on iPhone

If your iPhone has issues regarding apps downloading then try these Fixes:

  1. Restart the app store: The issues occurring in apps downloading may be due to an app store error. So you should try to restart the app store and try to download the apps after that.
  2. Wi-Fi: Use the Wi-Fi network for downloading the apps because sometimes the apps you want to download may be more than 200MB and the app store won’t allow downloading them on cellular data.
  3. Pause and restart the app download: This method is useful when your app download has been stopped due to some reason. So by using this method, you can pause the download of the app and restart it.
  4. Restart iPhone: If all of the above steps won’t work, then you can use this way. Just restart your iPhone.
  5. Check your Apple ID payment method: In order to download the apps, you need to select a payment method on Apple ID. If you have not selected a payment method or your card is expired then you won’t be able to download the apps. Go to settings and then choose the payment method in the Apple ID option.
  6. Sign out and sign back in: If your iPhone cannot download the apps, then that must be an indication that something is wrong with your Apple ID. So try login again into your Apple ID account.
  7. Update iOS: This can also be the reason for the apps downloading issue because the apps you want to download may not be supported with the previous version installed in your iPhone. So by updating the software version of your iPhone, your apps will begin to download again.
  8. Set Time and date: You will not believe this, but it can also the issue for your problem. So, go and check your iPhone date and time and set it on Set automatically option.
  9. Reset iPhone settings: You can also fix this issue by resetting your iPhone settings. Do not worry, it will not delete any of your data.
  10. Apple ID: Most of the time when we have issues on iOS, they all occurred due to Apple ID. Go and login it again.
  11. Help from Apple: If you have tried all the steps mentioned above and still your iPhone apps downloading issue is not fixed, then visit a nearby Apple store.