Top 10 PowerPoint Alternatives

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If you are want to impress your boss to get an increment in your salary with the help of a presentation, and then instead of using the Microsoft PowerPoint try to shift to presentation software. After selecting the online presentation tool, you’ll be happy because by using better features, you can create amazing presentations. There are various types of programs available. Are you getting confused regarding which one to pick to make your presentation templates? Try out any of the below-mentioned Powerpoint alternatives.


Powerpoint is the oldest presentation program so generally, people consider it as the best. But it too has some disadvantages like it is a bit tough to learn for a non-technical person. Knowing about some of the best alternatives to Powerpoint can help you out with the making of better presentation quickly.

Some of the best alternatives of Powerpoint are as follows-

1. Slidebean

Slidebean always comes first whenever people talk about the best alternative to Powerpoint. The Slidebean consists mostly all the items that you will require starting from making to sharing an excellent presentation. The remarkable collection of templates has a unique and attractive kind of templates. Every template offers different sizes of the text and background that can be managed by you as per your needs. The best part of Slidebean is that mostly all of its features are free of cost.


Making a video of your presentation and publishing it to your website or Youtube is an excellent method to make people aware of any of the social issue or for asking a charity from the people who are interested in helping the needy. Rather than getting confused after entering PowerPoint and wondering what to do next, it’s better to use WIDEO because it is straightforward to use. Additionally, it offers a fantastic kind of animation which can be highlighted. Hence, it can allow you to create a better impression than the rest.


It will not work as a simple Powerpoint alternative. It offers you all the related data that is required by you depending entirely on your presentation.


From the name itself you can get to know that it is online presentation software that will help you showcase slideshows. These presentations include multiple things like video, audio, and content altogether. Although, it can even assist in making a standard presentation with plenty of images and videos.


This is only available in the Google App Store. It helps in making basic presentations that can be shared easily with a lot of people at a single point in time.

6. Visme

It is a software that allows not only to make a presentation but also a lot of the other works like creating a resume. That is one of the major reason people prefer Visme in their day to day life.

7. Haiku Deck

It comprises more than 25 templates along with 30 million stock images which help in making a presentation in just a few clicks.

8. Emaze

It makes the presentation more attractive, so most kids use it for making their assignments. But it is not present in older systems.

9. Keynote

It is an Apple’s alternative to PowerPoint. If you have an Apple device, then it will contain the Keynote. It can make beautiful charts so it is extremely useful for economics and statistics students.


This is for those who wish to tell a story through their presentation. If you are a teacher, then this app will help you keep your students engaged.

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