Top 10 Google Play Store Alternatives

The Play Store works nicely, and we get our favorite applications from there. At times, applications vanish all of a sudden. Thankfully, there are other alternatives to get apps. If the Play Store does not have the app you want to download, and then read on.

How to Download Applications That Are Not Available

In the iOS Play Store

For iOS users, the availability of choices is always restricted. You need to get your application from the Play Store. Luckily, if you purchase or install an application that is not present, you can still get it.

● Firstly, go to the Play Store, hit on the account icon which is situated at the beginning itself-at the corner.

● Then, hit on purchased.

● To look at all the application that are not present on your smartphone, hit on ‘Not on this iPhone.’

● After that, check the list to search the application you need to download, then hit the icon of a cloud which is situated on the right side to install it. It is very simple.

Steps For Downloading An Application That Is Removed

From Google Play

● Firstly, go to the App Store, then see the menu by clicking on the three straight lines which are situated on the left side.

● There you need to select My Apps Games

● After this, select Library. As a result, it will show all the applications that you have installed from Google Play.

● Sadly, no easy method is available to search the app. So note that that if you are searching for a very old application, it will be a bit time- consuming.

● Alternative option- sideload the APK.

Steps for Sideloading Applications That Are Not Present

In Google Play

Finding from a long listing of applications can be very time consuming so in such a situation it will be better to sideload the application. Doing it is very simple.

● The method of doing it completely depends on the version of your Smartphone.

● If you’ve sideloaded applications earlier and require to search something that is not present in the Play Store, then you should go for APK Mirror. It is a perfect digital platform to put Android applications to sideload. It only supports applications that are free of cost.

The list of apps that can replace Google Play Store

1. Amazon App Store (Android)

It is a hub of applications, and from it, you can install a lot of non-stop applications for Android.

2. GetJar

It is a wonderful alternative to the Google Play Store. Like Amazon, it also provides a lot of applications for

Android. In addition, you can also install applications for iOS and Windows mobiles.

3. 1Mobile Market

Like above, this also provides a variety of applications. And it is worth noting that it can be installed from its websites.

4. Mobogenie

Mobogenie gives you access to do the installation from the PC application.

5. Mobomarket

It is a bit like Mobogenie because it also gives access to do the installation from the PC application.

6. SlideMe

It an amazing alternative to Google Play. It provides free and premium applications to people all over the world.


It is restricted to Android users only. It is a bit different than Google Play as it doesn’t comprise a single store.


It is present in more than ten languages which distinguishes it with the rest Google Play alternatives.

9. APKUpdater

It lets you update every app without using Google Play.

10. F-Droid

It comprises applications that are available completely free for users.