2020 is one of the best years for the sci-fi fans to watch exciting sci-fi based series, including Marvel’s WandaVision as well as Star Trek: Picard. Some of these upcoming shows are completely new, and some are returning with the latest seasons. The sci-fi shows will be a mixture of fantasy, some space-story, horror as well as apocalypse genres.


 Some TV shows would be the next episodes of their last year programs, including the biggest hit show The Mandalorian featuring tremendously hyped Baby Yoda. Sci-fi series such as Stranger Things, The Expanse, Star Trek: Discovery, etc. are also getting on the streaming services. Without making any further delay, let’s unlock the best upcoming Sci-fi TV show of 2020 and get started.

1. Walking Dead: World Beyond

In the Walking Dead universe, it is the third show by AMC. Walking Dead: World Beyond is going to release on the upcoming April 12. The most strange thing about this TV show is that it will have only two seasons. The show is based on a group of youngsters who battle a world of zombies to remain alive. However, the show not started, but the storyline is teased with the older Walking Dead series.

2. The Boys

It is a kind of simple, fresh, and mysterious form of superhero-based TV series. From Amazon Prime Video, the show’s plot introduces a world of superheroes where the corporations rule over superheroes and control them for their own will. Another group of superheroes is assigned to make sure that all superheroes are following the rules and regulations from their owner corporation. The first season of the TV show was a massive hit on Amazon’s streaming service. The Boys are likely to return in the middle of 2020 with its next season.

3. Devs

With directing Alex Garland, who is famous for also directing Annihilation, Devs is a forthcoming eight-part restricted TV show. The show is starring Sonoya Minuzo as a lady who thinks that an innovative organization is responsible for her missing boyfriend. During her search, she founds something that can diverse in the current world. The director is super skilled in creating science fiction films and TV series as she has already driven massive traffic on her TV show.  

4. Agents Of Shield

Now the final/seventh season for the program is on the way, and the show is already so popular, especially among Marvel fans. It is one of the leading and fans’ favorite TV shows of superhero nerds worldwide. The 6th season of Agents of shield created a perfect opening for the final season, which is reportedly set to release somewhere in mid-2020. The new season will introduce Agent Coulson, played by Clerk Gregg. Agents of Shield season 7 might also feature the adventure of time travel.

5. SnowPiercer

The story is about a herd of different people living inside a live train that keeps traveling all around the world, which is completely frozen, and earth became hard for survival. Powered by the TNT television network, the show will drop its first episode in the upcoming May 21. The plot is based on the Snowpiercer 2013’s film and the novel of French

6. Star Trek: Picard

Star Trek: Picard is a TV show featuring Patrick Stewart is returning for the role of Jean-Luc Picard from the earlier TV show Star Trek: The Next Generation. It is one of the most anticipated Sci-Fi series by CBS All Access.

7. WandaVision

Based on the MCU characters Wanda Maximoff and Vision, the show was first planned to release in 2021. However, now the show is hitting earlier within 2020 due to some release date schedules. Still, there is now officially confirmed date stated by Marvel Studios for the movie. If you are one of the Marvel Universe Cinematic fans, then you would love it as it will feature many stories from the MCU original timeline.