The Method Of Activating Or Deactivating 3D Touch On An iPhone

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Apple company was established on 1st April in the year 1976. This date has made a mark in history because of its significance.

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In some of the Apple products, the feature of 3D touch is not at all present, like in iPhone XR. Mostly the people who have used the 3D touch of Apple have made it a part of their daily routine. Since few don’t like 3D Touch, so in such cases it can also be deactivated easily.

3D Touch was launched with the iPhone 6s. Generally, iPhone 6s or more latest ones, except the above mentioned iPhone XR, come with this function. There is a lot of chances that you have 3D Touch but have not used it yet.

During releasing of the iPhone XR, Apple launched Haptic Touch too.

The two actions-3D Touch and Haptic Touch- don’t share same features. For instance, Haptic screen doesn’t allow ‘peek and pop’ and Home screen related shortcuts even a bit. Note that if you have iPhone XR, then you can activate or deactivate Haptic Touch in the same place where the 3D Touch is situated.

With the help of this blog, you can get to know about the method regarding how 3D Touch is activated or deactivated.

So let’s begin with it.

The Process Of Enabling Or Disabling 3D Touch

It is a very simple method.

  1. Firstly, go to the ‘Settings’.
  2. Then, select ‘General’.
  3. After that, look for ‘Accessibility’ and press on it.
  4. Next, move down a bit and press on 3D Touch. You can even note from here if 3D Touch is activated or not.

As I mentioned earlier, activating or deactivating the 3D Touch is super simple. I said it so because activating or deactivating the 3D Touch is just a matter of pulling it towards right or left. Do your modification task, and then you’re fully ready.

It is important to mark that after activating the 3D Touch, you can adjust the level of its sensitivity. For example, the lighter setting offers less power for pushing to enable the feature at the time of its use.

Whereas after deactivating the 3D Touch some of the features you will not be able to use. For example, features like ‘Peek and Pop’.  You will also not be able to use widgets from the application’s Home.

Hope this blog would have been helpful to you.

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