The Complete Guide for Making Calls on the HomePod

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After a particular update was released, users could make calls directly from HomePod. Before the update, users could only transfer calls to HomePod, but now they can receive the calls directly. They merely need to ask Siri to make a call. Let’s go through the process of placing calls on the HomePod.

Before you begin

Now, you need to make some preparations beforehand. Firstly make sure that your iOS device is up-to-date. Install all the available updates for your HomePod and iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Even though the HomePod gets updated automatically, you can still check for available updates in the Home app. Just press the circular Home logo located in the top left-hand edge and choose Software Update. Install the updates, if available.

Now, cross verify to ensure that the iOS device as well as the HomePod are connected to the same network and logged in to the same Apple ID.

Unlock the iOS device and open Settings. Tap on Siri and Search and ensure that both Listen for Hey Siri and Press Home for Siri are enabled. After that, launch the Home app and navigate to the HomePod Settings. Ensure that both of the options are enabled in HomePod Settings too.

In the HomePod Settings screen, locate Personal Requests. Ensure that Personal Requests is enabled.

How to place calls on the HomePod?

  1. Power on the iOS device and keep it within close proximity of the HomePod.
  2. Now, activate Siri by using the wake word.
  3. If you need to call someone from your contact list, say you need to call Jonas Smith, then give this command: “Hey Siri, call Jonas Smith.”
  4. When you are done with the call, just command Siri to either hang up or disconnect the call.

How to answer calls on HomePod?

  1. Make sure you are in the radar on the HomePod when you get a call.
  2. Activate Siri by saying “Hey Siri.”
  3. Now, simply command Siri to answer the call.
  4. If the call got disconnected before you could ask Siri to answer it, you could just command Siri to tell you who called.

How to transfer calls to HomePod from an iOS device?

  1. After taking the call, press the audio button in the Phone app.
  2. Now, from the pop-up menu, choose the HomePod option.
  3. After that, you will see that the call has been transferred to the HomePod.
  4. When the audio gets connected from the iOS device, the HomePod’s green light will light up.
  5. If you wish to mute the call, then just press the mute icon on the Phone app.
  6. In order to increase or lower the volume, just press the plus or minus buttons located on the HomePod. Or else, just press the volume up or down buttons on the iOS device.
  7. To transfer the call back to the iPhone, just press the audio button from the Phone app and select iPhone.
  8. In order to disconnect, either hit the head of the HomePod or press the disconnect button on the Phone app.

Source: TechHub24x7