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Guide to Installing ADB & Fastboot on Windows, Linux & Mac

Both the tools of ADB (Android Debug Bridge) and Fastboot are vital for Android connoisseur. They are kind of elixirs that can do much of things ranging from backup devices to change in the display resolution. You can download and install it with a few quick clicks. ADB command is a tool which Google provides […]

Best iPhone Apps for File Scanning With OCR

If you really want to go for paperless work with handy tools, then you can track numerous physical documents contained into folders and stuffed into filing cabinets and storage. The transformation of physical folders into digital one can be easily done with the help of the document scanning apps. Here are some of the best […]

Top 4 Steps For Doing Online Analysis Work Of A Topic

Analysing any topic over the net is a talent especially hidden in a blog and web content writers most of the time. But whenever it comes for tough topics, even the professional writer experts get confused about the steps that they should follow to present a perfect piece of analysis. Go through this blog before […]

Best Free Voice Changer Apps

Software to change the original voice can be used in different walks of life. It can be a professional reason to change the voice or having some prank calls. The voice changing software can be categorized into two tools namely real-time based and non-real time-based tools. Real-time based software runs same as it sounds, enabling […]

How to Fix Error ‘This Webpage has a Redirect Loop’?

Google Chrome has now become a most renowned web browser across the globe, and it always works great with some other Google products such as YouTube and Gmail as well. Regardless of its features and fame, many Google Chrome users have received the Error Code “The Webpage has a Redirect Loop” or ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS” that stops […]

How Does Apple’s Secure Enclave Protect My iPhone or Mac?

To manage your biometric information, iPhones and Macs ‘Touch ID or Face ID’ make use of a separate processor. In technical terms, it’s known as the Secure Enclave. It’s generally a computer in itself, and it provides many security features. The Secure Enclave boots are entirely different from the rest of your device. It functions […]

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