Steps to Set up and Use Family Link, Google’s Parental Controls App

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The new Google app Family Link is a free app for Android and iOS that allows the guardian to manage the content of their kid’s devices. The kids who are teen or under 13 years of age can access services like Gmail, Maps, Chrome, and Photos and they are attached to their parent’s devices. It keeps the parents updated by popping up a notification whenever their kids do something in the virtual world.


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These are few steps to use Family Link on your device:

1.    First, make sure that your phone and your child’s device is appropriate for the app. Examine your device if they are running Nougat 7.0+ or Marshmallow 6.0 + Process

2.    Now download Google Family Link app from your play store.

3.    When you’re done with the downloading, it will take maximum 30 mins to set up on your devices. The first step will take around 3  mins and will ask your Gmail details and confirming other things to set up the app.

4.    Now next step is to set up your child’s Google account to validate the app. It will take around 10 mins, and you’ll have to have a debit or credit card to confirm your parental permission.

5.    Create your child’s account – Fill out your child’s name, their date of birth and gender.

6.    Generate their email ID and password.

7.    Then you’ve to ‘Confirm’ your parental consent.

8.    Next step is to connect your children’s device to the Family Link app. It will take around 20 minutes.

Make sure your child’s device is compatible with the app. If it’s a shared device, you will have to create a new user or remove existing users on the phone to set up the app.

9.    Now Sign in with your child’s email id and passcode. Choose your account to set parent consent.

10.    Now you have to download the Family Link app on your child’s device.

11.    Create the name of your child’s device and analyze the apps again to which your children will have access to on the device.

12.    When you’re done with it, you can now edit your child’s settings through the app on your phone.

13.    Launch the app on your device and then press on the name of your child at the lower part of the screen.

14.    Press on “Choose settings” to place controls and filters over apps on your children’s devices.

15.    Press “Set up” within “Location” to “Turn on” to view your child’s location.

16.    Press “Set up” within “App Activity” to scrutinize which app your children use and for how long.

17.    Press “Edit limits” to place a time limit for your children’s device.

18.    Press on “Edit schedule” to arrange a bedtime when you want your children’s device to shut down.