Solutions to Common Surface Pro 4 Problems

Surface Pro 4 is arguably one of the best devices manufactured and sold by Microsoft. This tablet cum laptop is sleek, compact, versatile, and sharp. However, issues with the device can make it difficult for the users to get their work done.

If you have a Surface Pro 4, and it does not work expectedly, then you must understand how frustrating it is. In this blog, we will talk about the common problems faced by Surface Pro 4 users and the ways to solve them.

Common Surface Pro 4 Issues

  1. Unable to connect to a secondary monitor

Quite a few users have encountered errors and problems while hooking their Surface Pro 4 to a secondary monitor.


  • A few people discovered that they were unable to connect their Surface device to another monitor because of compatibility issues. Just check if you are using a compatible monitor and adapter.
  • If you have a Dell monitor, then the problem could be due to improper configuration of the monitor. Just check the DisplayPort configuration of the monitor’s display.
  • If the applications are not scaling correctly, then try restarting the Surface device. Rebooting the devices often solves problems.
  1. Screen flickers when playing videos on Edge

Ever since the Surface Pro 4 device launched, users have been facing the flickering screen problem. Microsoft even rolled out an update to fix the problem. But, even after installing the update, a couple of people are still encountering the issue. And for some weird reason, some users are facing the problems after the update.


  • Attempt to turn off the Hyper-V visual mode. To do so, just launch the Command Prompt and enter this text: exe/Online/Disable-Feature:Microsoft:Hyper-V. After turning the feature on, see if the issue persists or not.
  • To fix this problem, navigate to Internet Properties, and select Advanced from the list of options. Now, click on the first choice.
  1. Surface Pen problems

Even though the Surface Pen is impressive and works smoothly, some users face issues with it. If your Surface Pen stops working unexpectedly or you are encountering other related problems, then you should go through the potential solutions.


  • If your Surface Pen hangs, then press the right-click button located at the barrel of the input device a couple of times. This solution works for several people.
  • You can also try to switch the applications and try to switch back as well.
  • You should also shift the Surface Pen away from the screen, and then turn it back near the display.
  • Restart the Surface device and pair the Pen once more.

Windows Hello not working

Windows Hello is an application which offers a personalized way to log in to your Surface Pro 4. You can use the camera for facial recognition or the fingerprint reader to authenticate your identity. Some people encounter issues with this app as it stops recognizing them.


  • Open the Settings menu and select Account Settings. From there visit the Sign-in options. You can also access the sign-in options by directly searching for it.
  • Now, locate the option to improve Hello recognition. Simply tap the re-calibrate button and follow the guidelines on the screen.

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