Respawn Confirms That Titanfall 3 is Not in Development

Respawn Entertainment surprised the entire gaming community by announcing that it was never planning to launch Titanfall 3 and instead, had been working on the development of the new Apex Legends this whole time.

 As Respawn Entertainment is now acquired by the Electronic Arts with $151 million for initial purchase it was never reviled by any of the parties involved that Titanfall three is not being developed at all.

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The community members and fans considered that Apex Legends would be introduced to create some gap between the Titanfall game series, but instead, now it is stated that Titanfall three was never in development.

 Drew McCoy a lead producer at Respawn clearly stated that many fans had a notion of Titanfall 3 to be under development after the Titanfall 2, but it was instead the Apex Legends all this time that our team of developers was working on.

McCoy further explained that developers at Respawn were in the progression of developing a battle royale mode for the Titanfall game.

 But as they tried and analyzed the gameplay, it was ultimately decided to create an exclusive battle royale style game and not a mode for Titanfall which resulted in Apex Legends to be a reality.

Still, Apex Legends has included all the aspects of Titanfall with the inclusion of resembling game controls and weapon mechanics, but it does not include campaign or the PvP mode as in the Titanfall series.

Also, Apex Legends lacks some of the predominant features of the Titanfall like Wall running and the Titular Titans.

McCoy also confirmed that after the Apex Legends, Respawn is working on a Star Wars game Jedi: Fallen Order which is completely hidden from the players and gamers.

Still fans of Titanfall should not be disheartened as drew McCoy did not rule out the possibility of Titanfall 3 to be released in the future.

Still, he said that Respawn is dedicated to making Apex Legends a tremendous success in comparison to present battle royale style game like Fortnite and PUBG. Seeing all the above facts, it is probably certain that a sequel for Titanfall 2 is not a near possibility.

As the posts prior to the Apex Legends hinted at the Titanfall 3 development, fans and community were expecting it to be under development.

But when this news broke out amongst the fans they were somewhat numb and could not figure out the final outcome Respawn market strategy, still, let’s see how Respawn moves ahead with their new game in hand.

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