Quick Fix for Your Chromebook’s Bluetooth Performance

Chromebook’s are fun and quite amazing to work on but if you pair a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard that fun ride can become a hectic roller-coaster. It sometimes becomes annoying to work on a Chromebook when using wireless gadgets with it. Users of Chromebook are facing lag of wireless mouse or fluctuation of sounds on wireless headsets which ruins the day of a Chromebook user.

Chromebook users have to generally satisfy with the USB mouse or other wired gadgets to have a better experience, although Chromebook works excellent with wired devices but user becomes bound to use them and can’t access with a relaxed or comfortable approach.

Google realized the pain of Chromebook users and upgraded their Bluetooth stacks to improve the user’s experience. This new stack is quite easy for anyone to access and makes various Bluetooth device function smoother on Chromebook.

Steps to Improve Chromebook’s Bluetooth performance

To improve on your Chromebook’s Bluetooth performance use the new stack released by Google, and hopefully, your Bluetooth function can run smoother. To get the stack, you need to execute these steps given below.

  1. Open your “Internet browser.”
  2. Enter “chrome: // flags” in anew tab, which will redirect you to flags Window.
  3. Now, enter “Newblue” in the flags search box.
  4. Now, choose “Enabled” from the drop box next to Newblue
  5. Now, restart your Chromebook.

After restarting Chromebook try to pair your Bluetooth gadgets and hopefully it would function without lagging, and you may never have to feel the past inconvenience. If you are still facing the lagging issue, it could be due to the difference in new stack and your device. You may try to pair a new device to make sure that there is sync between the device and system configuration.