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Niantic has been teasing fans of Harry Potter since the last year as they showcased a very vague initial teaser for the upcoming Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

An initial trailer was revealed for Harry Potter Wizards Unite about four months in the past, but this first trailer for the title was unable to showcase any in-depth information for the said game.

Many fans were not pleased with such a minute teaser trailer and instead wanted some more clarity for this underdevelopment game.

While giving an interview to Los Angeles Times Kevin Tsujihara, CEO at Warner Bros hinted that the game could be released in the upcoming summers. Although he did not confirmed any specific date or month, Kevin provided a subtle teaser by indicating at the summer season.

He stated that Harry Potter Wizards Unite is the first in the lineup to be released amongst all the ongoing projects and soon fans can experience their beloved character in the upcoming summer season.

This confirmation did not provide with any date or time, but J.K Rowling’s fans were thrilled to hear this news and were very excited as finally, their long wait is going to end soon.

Moreover as Kevin Tsujihara as hinted that Harry Potter Wizards Unite is set to be launched so we may find more in-depth information for the title in coming months will clear in-game mechanics and features with possible gameplay.

In a previous teaser video for Harry Potter Wizards Unite, it was teased that players will be able to access various magical abilities in the game like Nimbus Broomstick which can fly and a Mystical creature creating immense destruction.

Various community members and fans believe that fundamental idea in Harry Potter Wizards Unite is to locate and deal with various mystical happenings in order to hide the wizard world from normal humans.

Niantic will include many more such magical items for players to interact in the game and players will have a fun time dealing with it. Also, Niantic has confirmed that Harry Potter Wizards Unite will have various memorable characters from the Harry Potter franchise.

It would include iconic characters like Harry, Ron, and Hermione, but it is also expected that teachers like Albus, Severus Snape, Minerva McGonagall, and Dumbledore will also be the part of the game. Let’s see which of these favorite characters from the franchise will manage to secure their positions in the upcoming title. Fans are very eager to experience this new Harry Potter game and looking forward to more information related to it.

Hopefully, we will be receiving much more explicit information regarding the title and better clarity of what content will be included.

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