Power Rangers: New Trailer Of Battle for the Grid Gameplay Reveals 3v3 Combat Mode

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As recently Hasbro and Lionsgate reviled the first look for the upcoming Power Rangers Battle for The Grid game, fans across the globe went crazy to get to know more about this excellent restoration of 90’s Power Rangers series.

Source: Power Rangers

And nWay didn’t disappoint their fans, as they launched a new trailer showcasing the new 3v3 battle mode gameplay for this upcoming title.

It is believed that similar to the games Marvel vs. Capcom and Dragon Ball FighterZ, Hasbro has also included a 3v3 fighting mode for their upcoming Power Rangers Battle For Grid.

This mode would allow three different players to fight, team up or swap between each other, which could provide unique interactions amongst the characters similar to other available games out there.

Although this is the second trailer for the title, still it has only reassured the existence of Yellow, Red and Green Rangers in the game. No such additional information could be observed in this latest trailer.

In spite of no such confirmation, community members and fans have been posting various posts claiming that Blue and Pink rangers would also be accessible in the game.

Also, it is sure that this title would be available in cross-progression and cross-play for all consoles and PC, except the PS4 as Sony, has not yet integrated this feature to their consoles.

Fans and gamers are looking forward to receiving any further news associated to the Battle For Grid as it is highly speculated that Power Rangers can also morph or summon their special beast characters as a submission attack.

As this game is based on the old Power Rangers Comics and TV series, teens and adults across the world seem to be hyped about this upcoming addition to the Power Rangers video game series.

Gamers and streamers are all eagerly waiting to get their hands on this entertaining video game after experiencing the teaser trailer which has boosted the excitement for all.

It is yet to be seen what other content is available in the Power Rangers Battle For Grid as players have only experienced the teaser gameplay of Green ranger, still, the gameplay of the Green Ranger is making fans go crazy. But it is much more crucial for nWay to showcase more in-game features as they would not want the interest of fans to die.

Also, it is anticipated that the hardcore action game Mortal Kombat 11 is planned to drop on April, creating a high-end competition for the Power Ranger Battle for Grid. It would be interesting to observe the competition between the two well-known titles and who would outshine the other.

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