Pokemon GO: A New AR Snapshot Feature Added For the Title

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Pokémon GO is regularly adding new events and challenges for players to enjoy with their pocket monsters, but this time Niantic is prepared to introduce players with a new Snapshot feature.

Source : Pokemon

Previously Pokémon GO had AR+ feature, which allowed players to click pictures of Pokémon while catching them. Niantic is now prepared to make some tweaks with this feature which will allow players to click pictures with their stored Pokémon’s.

Fans have been requesting Niantic for including some means to click images of stored Pokémon’s, and after a long wait, the developers have listened to the fans. GO Snapshot allows players to click pictures with their captured pocket monsters.

For instance, trainers camping in a rain forest can call out their stored Bulbasaur and click a picture with it, or you can wait for a rock-type on a hike and have a beautiful picture adjacent to it. This surely will provide players with an opportunity to have cool pictures with their Pokémon’s.

This new feature was confirmed by an official tweet posted by Pokémon GO, stating trainers can now experience a new feature in the game called GO Snapshot.  GO Snapshot would allow players to take photos with any Pokémon in the storage, at any point of time and in any location possible.

This new feature can be accessed while catching a Pokémon or by using the camera option from the bag. Moreover, this feature is quite easy to use. Players have to choose a Pokémon from their storage and then tap on any spot where you want the Pokémon to appear.

 Then adjust yourself around the Pokémon and as you find the correct angle, then click the picture. If your Pokémon is looking the other direction, then just pamper his head on the screen, and it would surely look at you.

This new feature will surely help players to interact much more with their monsters as trainers can now click multiple images with their favorite Pokémon at any real-life location.

This new feature can be used to create a timeline for trainers, as they can click pictures of every Pokémon while catching them and after every evolution to make out every stage of a Pokémon before its ultimate evolution. The clicked images directly get stored to the device storage from where players can access the clicked pictures and share them amongst their friends. This is something that would defiantly boost the relationship between trainers and their pocket monsters.

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