The Beginner’s Guide to Using Google Drive

On Google Drive, you can keep your data stored by putting all the documents on it  Google Drive application can be used in Android, iPhone, laptops and PC. Now there is no worry of losing your data which is saved already in your device because all the video, images and files are secure in your […]

Fix: Windows 10 Update Error Code 0x8024200B

This error code 0x8024200B occurs while users are attempting to update or install the Windows 10, 8, or 8.1 or sometimes, it occurs while installing the HP Printer driver. Usually, the Windows operating system or Hp printer throws an error message which says, “Error Code 0x8024200B – Windows Update encountered an unknown error.” However, usually, the […]

How to Verify Your YouTube Channel

Once you create a channel on YouTube, it means you have to verify that channel. The verification will be done through your mobile number; you will receive a confirmation code from YouTube. After confirming your account, you can post a video on YouTube. YouTube allows users to make their videos and post on their channels. […]

How to Stop Auto-Play Music in Car Bluetooth

Every car has a feature of Bluetooth system which plays wireless through your iOS device.You can Auto-play the songs stored on your iOS device or from another music application. In case you don’t like to Auto-play the songs in your car then you can disable it with your iPhone.Most of the car speaker has a […]

Solve: When VPN Connects, Internet Gets Disconnected Problem

Source url :- VPN Connects VPNs stands for the term Virtual Private Networks; it is the handiest for protecting users privacy and browsing online secretly without even knowing to the owner. Nowadays, VPN is becoming necessary for most of the users. Mainly, VPN works by easily routing your internet network through a server from a […]

Complete Guide to IoT or Internet of Things

The newest and most curious hullabaloo of the cyber world is IoT. IoT is the hot cake for every cyber as well as a technical person. The uproar is tremendous because of the lack of information. Basically, IoT is the next generation of networking. It is an ecology that includes a person, machine and internet. […]

Tricks and Tips to Showcase Distinct Style in 2D Animation

With the new digital animation, it has become quite a challenging and competitive task to create unique and creative animations.  As in retro style animations, it was all suited to the imagination and creativity of an individual to idolise an absolute wonder, but with new digital 2D animation every bloomer has an opportunity to create […]

PUBG Mobile: Possibly Zombies Mode Map included in 0.10.5 Update

It is possible that the long wait of players of PUBG to indulge with zombies is over as it is expected that Ten Cent is going to introduce Zombie mode map in the upcoming 0.10.5. Speculations are floating all across the PUBG community that in the upcoming 0.10.5 update a new Zombie Mode would be […]

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