Kingdom Hearts 3: How to Complete Flantastic Seven Challenge

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Kingdom Hearts 3 is now live, and players across the globe are going through the games new campaign events.

 This game already is full of exciting content and main storyline, but players are much more eager to accomplish the latest Flantastic challenge.

This Disney game has numerous mini-games with the main game storyline, but all the highly invested fans of Kingdom Hearts 3, are currently searching for the seven hidden Flans in order to complete a new challenge in the game.

  Gamers require to collect seven different Flans spread all across the vast game map, and in order to obtain these giant Flans, players require to reach out to seven different locations and go through some mini-games to unlock the Flans.

Although gamers can only access this Flantastic event once they complete the main story of the game which would require at least thirty to thirty-five hours, as you finish the main story, then you can start with this event.

As players complete the world’s main storyline, then they can return to start finding the Flans. Given below are the locations where you will find the Flans and will be able to finish this task.

 The first location is the Kingdom of Corona where you will be able to find the Blood Orange Flan. Head straight to the chasm and cross the pond on the right-hand side. The Flan could be spotted right after the pond ends.

The next location is the Monstropolis where players will require going to the basement where they can find the banana Flan. First, go straight through the entry gate and head to the door vault. Now walk through the hallway till you come across the wall of doors.

At your left will be the door which will let you access the new area, go into the door and then walk in the opposite side of the hallway, where you will spot the second Flan.

For the third Flan, players require to go to the Port Royal and take the very first right to form the archway. Just taking a few more steps will land you to the exact spot where you will find the Watermelon Flan.

At the San Fransokyo, remember to head to the south district at the night time as you can only spot the Flan in the night. Make that clear, climb on the John’s Fashion Center.

Now from the top, jump to the building with a radio antenna on it and on that rooftop you will be able to shot the Honeydew Flan.

Next location is the Arendelle where you have to climb the Mountain Ridge and then go to the left-hand side of the mountain. Now reach to the bottom side of the mountain where you will find the Grape Flan.

For the sixth Strawberry Flan players have to reach the Toy Box world and go to the Rest area, where at the Strawberry Flan is situated near the vending machines.

The last location is the Overlook at the Olympus where gamers will have to go directly behind the staircase in order to receive the Cherry Flan.

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