How to Watch Videos and Chat with New Friends on Twitch

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If you want to come in contact with your friends, have similar interests as you.     In case you like to communicate with new peoples then Twitch will be very useful for you. Twitch provides streaming services to their users who permit the user to watch live show or videos and have a conversation with other peoples that are viewing the same content videos.

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Twitch is best for those who love to play games, and the players can also watch a game which is played by others and can comment on that game. Every user can find something on Twitch according to their interests. On Twitch you can watch games which are played by experts, and you can also interact with new friends who are watching the same content as you.

Here are the two ways to know how to interact and have a conversation with new people:

▪ In case you wish to make new, different things, then broadcast yourself when doing a new activity. This means new people will view your broadcast and discuss with other viewers about the broadcast. You can view that conversation and can message them by using your smartphone. Views can ask questions regarding your new broadcast.

▪ You can comment on broadcast made by other peoples and can have a conversation with viewers who are watching the same content as you.

Twitch offers free service to their users and motivates the other people’s broadcasts by paying an amount on subscription, in case they allow them. After allowing you, go to the buttons given in the video broadcast option that will permit you to pay for the contribution of other people broadcast.

Steps for logging in for a Twitch Account on PC

If the user doesn’t have an account on Twitch, still the user can watch other people broadcast and can comment on them, you have to log in first to do other activities like having conversations with new peoples, liking the broadcasts which are similar to your interest and can broadcast a new video.

Follow the steps to have a conversation on Twitch

▪ Go to the default browser.

▪ Type “Twitch TV” option in the text box.

▪ In case you have an account on Twitch, press “Log In” button to type the username and a protected password.

▪ You have to enter the username, a protected password, date of birth and email ID.

▪ Press the “Sign up” option located at the end of the display.

▪ You can also log in with your Facebook account if you don’t wish to make a new one.

Some tips for using Twitch:

In case you are a new member on Twitch and want to know more about it then go through the below lines to know more.

▪ If you are thinking that which type of video you should watch then go through this URL for getting a full list of titles which are permitted by Twitch. This is the simplest method to search any topic as per your interest, and you can find new peoples who have the similar interest as you.

▪ This is not compulsory that every video which is broadcasted on Twitch is a streaming video. Twitch also broadcasts some retro television network shows such as BraveStarr, Hip Hop Harry, Off Beat Cinema, Wolfman Mac’s Chiller, etc. If you wish to watch such videos, then go to the official website of Twitch.

▪ Once you search a broadcast as per you likes and then select to follow that broadcast by pressing on the “Follow” option given on the left column below the other people video.

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