How to use Split Screen Feature on Mac

Split view of your Mac allows you to work more efficiently. This feature permits two apps to be displayed full screen at a time on your Mac screen. If you have work on two apps at one time like you’re doing some work and chatting also, then you can open both of them in split view mode and work on them efficiently.

Here is how to use Split Screen feature on Mac

How to go into Split View

You can use any of two applications on your Mac screen at a time by Split View. Decide the two programs (Safari, Photos, etc.) which you want to see on your Mac desktop at a time.

Here is how to enter into the Split View mode on Mac

1.    Launch the apps.

2.    Press and hold the ‘Green Button’ at the upper-left corner of the Programs Window. This will shrink the Window, and now you can move the window to the left or right side of your Mac screen as you want.

If this will not work then,

•    Open ‘Apple Menu’.

•    Open ‘System Preferences’.

•    Select ‘Mission Control’.

•    And confirm that the ‘Displays have separate Spaces’ option is chosen.

3.    Release the click from the button to place the window on the side as you want. Now, the program window will split on the side of the screen you selected.

4.    Now, take the other program you wish to view on the other side of the screen. You can do this by Mission Control Layout.

Now the two programs windows will split on your Mac screen. Both Programs window will occupy the equal and half space of the screen. There is no need to allocate each app accurately 50% part of the screen. Use divider between the two apps window to resize pane.

Some Programs don’t support the split view feature or require more screen space will show a message on your screen or display a (+) zoom button in place of a green full-screen button.

How to Use or Work on Split View mode

The main advantage of a Split view is that you can work on both programs side by side easily and without any interruption.

I.    Click anywhere on the Windows to activate and work on that.

II.    Move the cursor on the top of the Window to display the Menu bar.

III.    Select and drag the window to the other side of the screen to switch their position.

IV.    Move divider line between the Windows to adjust their size.

V.    Use ‘Mission Control’ or ‘Multi-Touch gesture’ to navigate desktop or other programs.

How to quit from Split View mode

1.    Place the cursor to the top of the screen to view the window keys.

2.    Then click on the green colour ‘Full-Screen’ button to exit from split view and open both apps in full-screen mode.

3.    Use ‘Mission Control’ or ‘Multi-Touch gesture’ to switch between them.

How to quit from Full-Screen mode

Here are some ways you can use to exit from Full screen.

•    Place the cursor to the top of the screen to view the window keys and then click on the green colour button.

•    Use ‘Esc’ key.

•    Use ‘Control + Command + F’ key.