How to Use Photoshop Creative Cloud

Photoshop Creative Cloud is used by the user to create pictures and designs. This is popular software to edit images which are mostly used by professionals, photographers, and artists.

Source : Photoshop

Steps to Download and Install Photoshop

• Open the in a default browser. This link can be used in any default
browser on windows.

• Press “Login” button. You will get this on the right column of the “Adobe” site. You have to log in with the registered email ID and a protected password linked with the Adobe email address.

▪ In case you already don’t have an account on Adobe, press an azure option which indicated “Get an Adobe Email Address.” Type the first or last name, email address, current country, date of birth, and a protected password. Press “Login” after finishing the step.

• Tap “Download Applications” option. It resembles an azure option located in the right
column of the display.

• Click the “Download Trial “button under Photoshop. This is an application which resembles an azure option having a banner and a message indicating “Photoshop.” You can use a free trial only for seven days.

• Using the drop-down menu to give a response to the questions. Adobe gives an option to your screen to enter the skill level by using Photoshop, profession, and in case of Photoshop is used by you, group or team, Press “Continue” after completing this step.

• Press “Menu.” You will get this on the right side of the site.

• Tap the “Photoshop” symbol. This option is located to the next side of the “Creative Cloud” icon, on the upper side.

▪ In case you don’t get the “Photoshop” symbol, press the “Products” option given on the upper side of the screen.

• Press “Free Trial” option. This is a “Third” option located on the upper side of the page. Installing process of Photoshop gets downloaded automatically into downloads folder.

• Unlock the “Install” folder. The installed file can be open by going to the default browser downloads page. Go through the guidelines given below:
▪ You will get your installed files into downloads folder.

How to Start Photoshop?

• Go to “Photoshop” application. Photoshop is the application resembles an azure symbol having a banner which indicates “Photoshop.” You will get this on the start tab on PC or Mac, below “Apps” option. It will take only a few seconds to open Photoshop.

• Press “Create New” or “Open.” In case you like to start a new task, press “Create New” button. In case you like to open a current folder, press the “Open” option.

• Tap “File” in the menu list on the upper side in case you like to make a new folder.

• Enter a title for the folder. In case you like to make a new title of the folder then enter the title under “Present Details” section located on the upper side on the screen.

• Choose the folder size. Enter the folder size in the given section named as “Height” and “Width.” The folder can only count in inches. Use the drop-down menu list to adjust the folder size.

▪ In case you click on the current photo, the photo size and color style will be changed.

• Make the “Resolution.” The section indicates “resolution” it means the folder size will be count on pixels in inches. Images which are for Internet, PC, and smartphones are only up to seventy-two per inch.

• Choose the “Color” style.

• Choose “Big Color” option. A bit color means how much colors are permitted in a single folder.

• Choose the “Background” color. You can use black or white color from the drop-down menu list. Press the “Colored” rectangle to select a background color.

• Press “Create” button.

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