How to Troubleshoot Error Code 651 in Windows 10?

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Whenever users are using a wireless connection or a cabinet internet connection and install any update to the Windows 10 computer system, users might encounter some issues regarding the error 651. This 651 Error prevents users from using the Internet connection properly. However, this error is generally caused by the Registry issues, and this protects the tool from identifying any router or hub devices.

Therefore, this issue primarily affects your Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 computers. The Error 651 may become frustrating and irritating for users. Sometimes, the modem or router hangs down, and the issue is that users can’t use their internet connection through Desktop Windows.

Causes of Error Code 651

Alternatively, there are various causes behind the occurrence of this error, but the most important causes are discussed below: ‘

  • Corruption Windows Registry Database.
  • When the Internet Configuration is wrecked.
  • Due to the wrong connection at broadband.
  • Due to virus attack on the computer system, the system driver is damaged.
  • Probably, the third-party firewall app is blocking the connection.
  • IP settings might be changed by someone.

However, if you want to troubleshoot the error code 651 in Windows 10, follow the given below steps. These steps take less time and fewer efforts.

Steps to Troubleshoot Error Code 651 in Windows 10

If you want to resolve this error without encountering any error, use these below-given steps in ascending order. These steps surely help you in fixing the error code 651. Before following the steps, make sure that your internet connection is working properly. Here how to do it:

Try Using the Computer in Safe Mode

For using the computer system in Safe Mode, first, you need to restart your Windows 10 computers.

  1. Click to ‘Sign in’ to the Safe Mode using the Networking Feature to apply the following changes.
  2. Once you are in Safe Mode, press the Windows + R keys all together to open the ‘Run’ search box.
  3. Enter the following command under the Run search box: “MSCONFIG”.
  4. Then, click on the ‘Enter’ key to navigate to the next step.
  5. After that, a window will appear on the screen, click on the ‘Boot’ button located in the header of the screen.
  6. In the ‘Boot Options’ section, press the ‘Safe Boot’ tab.
  7. Next, verify the box located near the ‘Network’ section in the ‘Options’ window of the page shown on the screen.
  8. Lastly, restart your computer system and after check that if the error persists or resolved.

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