How to Transform your Windows 10 into Windows 7

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Windows 10 is a fantastic OS launched by Microsoft, and it has more features than previous Microsoft operating systems. But some users do not like its look, or they love the appearance of Windows 7 more. If you are amongst them, then read on.

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Here is how you can make your Windows 10 look and work like Windows 7

Change Windows 10 Start Menu to Windows 7

Start menu of Windows 10 and 7 is entirely different, and maybe this will irk you and thought comes to your mind that the Windows 7 start menu was good. Here is how to get back your classic start menu,

1.    Start a ‘Web Browser’ on your Windows 10 PC.

2.    Now go to

3.    And click the ‘Download Now’ option. When the file is downloaded,

4.    Click on the ‘Run’ button.

5.    Then click ‘Next’ button.

6.    Check the box to accept the terms agreement and click ‘Next’.

7.    Again click ‘Next’ button.

8.    Click ‘Install’ button.

9.    And then click ‘Finish’.

Windows 7 Start menu is downloaded and installed into your Windows 10 computer.

10.    Now, click on ‘Start’ button to open ‘Settings’.

11.    Select ‘Windows 7 Style’ from there.

12.    Click on ‘Select Skin..’ blue text from the bottom of the window.

13.    Click on the ‘Dropdown box’ of the Skin.

14.    Choose a ‘skin’ for your start menu from dropdown skins.

15.    Then click ‘OK’.

Now, your Windows 7 start menu comes back in place of your Windows 10 start menu.  If you don’t like the skin, then you can again change it.

Sign In with a local Account

1.    Open ‘Start menu’.

2.    Open ‘Settings’.

3.    Click on ‘Accounts’.

4.    Click on the blue text ‘Sign in with a local account’.

5.    Enter your ‘Microsoft account’s password’.

6.    And then click ‘Next’.

7.    Enter a ‘Username’. If you want to set a password, then type and confirm password also.

8.    Click ‘Next’.

9.    Then click on ‘Sign out and finish’.

Now, you can sign in with the local account you have just created.

Deactivate Cortana

Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana is a chief feature of Windows 10 which makes you realise that you’re on the Windows 10 operating system. Here is how to disable Cortana:

1.    Right click on the ‘Start’ icon.

2.    And select ‘Search’ from the options.

3.    Click on ‘Settings’.

4.    Turn off all the switches of the switch of the features on which Cortana works.

Make your Windows 10 taskbar like Windows 7

Remove Cortana bar from the taskbar

1.    Right click on the ‘Blank spot’ of the taskbar.

2.    Select ‘Cortana’.

3.    And select ‘Hidden’.

Remove Task View key from the taskbar

1.    Right click on the ‘Blank spot’ of the taskbar.

2.    And remove the checkmark from ‘Show Task View button’ by clicking on it.

Remove Action Center key from the taskbar

1.    Right click on the ‘Blank spot’ of the taskbar.

2.    Select ‘Settings’.

3.    Scroll down and click on ‘Turn system icons On or Off’.

4.    Now, turn off the toggle key of ‘Action Center’ by clicking on it.

Remove Edge browser from the taskbar

1.    Right click on Edge icon of the taskbar.

2.    Select ‘Unpin from taskbar’.

Add Internet Explorer to the Taskbar

1.    Search for ‘Internet Explorer’ through search menu.

2.    Right-click on the ‘Internet Explorer’ from the result.

3.    And select ‘Pin to taskbar’.

Make title bars colour as Windows 7

1.    Open ‘Start menu’.

2.    Go to ‘Settings’

3.    Go to ‘Personalization’.

4.    Open ‘Colours’ settings.

5.    Select a ‘Colour’

6.    Turn on ‘Show colour on the title bar’ switch.

It’s done!

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