How to solve iMessage Not Delivered or Received on iPhone

The iPhones are the perfect companion gadget for anyone who chats a lot with friends. This phone has a very low possibility to show the problems while running even a heavy item on it. But still, there are times when the iPhone has shown some problems which include the iMessage is not delivered or received on it.

Well, there are some methods and workarounds with which you can easily resolve the problem, but you will need to be patient as the methods might take some time to cure the problem. It is exhausting to keep trying to send the message without knowing what is happening. So don’t waste more time and start following the methods to solve the message not delivered or received problems on your iPhone.

Here, how to solve iMessage not delivered or received on iPhone.

Inspect the System Status

The Apple user can quickly determine if there is an error or not using the Apple System Status page. For example, if the iMessage not delivered, then this problem could be because of the maintenance of the Apple service. Visit to check the status of the device and ensure that the device is having an error or not.

Turn On Send as SMS

It is required to check if the iMessage and Send as SMS is enabled while sending a message since the services are responsible for sending and receiving the text messages.

  1. Open Settings app in your iPhone.
  2. Select to open Messages and find iMessages at the top.
  3. Tap to turn it on.
  4. Now, navigate to the Send as SMS option.
  5. Tap to toggle on the Send as SMS option.

These methods are most useful to resolve the issue. Hence you should follow these steps to troubleshoot the iMessage not delivered or received on iPhone. But remember, if you find the methods are not working then try resetting the Network Settings of your iPhone and check if the problem persists. If you find the problem, then there is only one thing to conclude that the problem is existing in the recipients’ phone or the network it has.