How to reset and change a lost admin Password on Mac OS X

Have you forgotten the admin password of your Mac or you use Mac at work and want to change the password for some security reasons? There are too many reasons for changing a password and using a strong password. If you also wish to change and reset Password then,here are some most suitable and standard methods to reset a lost admin password on your Mac OS X.

How to reset the password through your Apple ID

You can use this feature if this security feature is enabled. you can turn on this feature when you first set up your account. But if you hadn’t do it, then you can also let it in settings if you’ve access to your Mac.

To enable this feature:

Click on ‘Apple’ menu> select ‘System Preferences’> click on ‘Users & Groups’> select ‘Your Account’>click ‘Padlock’ button>and then click ‘Allow user to reset password using Apple ID.’

Steps to reset the password by using your Apple ID

  1. Enter a wrong password three times.
  2. Now, click on the button that shows the link to reset your password.

This button will appear when you enter a wrong password three times if this button doesn’t seem it means this feature is not enabled.

  1. Enter your ‘Apple ID password.’ Password of that Apple ID which is associated with your Mac user account.
  2. Now, enter a ‘New admin password.’
  3. Again enter to verify.
  4. Enter a ‘Password hint’ that will help in remind your password. And then create a password.
  5. Reboot your Mac.
  6. Enter the ‘New password’ to login.
  7. Now, create a new Keychain, when prompted.

After logging in with your new passwords, you will be prompted that you cannot access your Keychain. This is because keychain is secure with the original admin password and without it, you can’t access it even with your new password because of security reasons.

How to reset the password through Recovery Mode

If you’re unable to reset the password through your Apple ID, then use Recovery mode to reset it.

  1. Reboot your Mac.
  2. Now, hold ‘Command + R’ button on the keyboard until you’ll not see a loading bar appears on the screen.

This may take some time to load and boot your Mac into Recovery Mode.

  1. Click on ‘Utilities’ menu at the top of the screen.
  2. Select ‘Terminal.’
  3. Type ‘resetpassword’ and then press ‘Return’ to open reset password utility.
  4. Select your hard drive in which Operating system is on (Macintosh HD).
  5. Select the ‘user account’ whose password you want to change, from the drop-down menu.
  6. Now, enter a ‘New admin password.’
  7. Again enter to verify.
  8. Enter a ‘Password hint’ that will help in remind your password.
  9. Click ‘Change password’ to create a new one.
  10. Click on the ‘Apple menu’>click ‘OS X Utilities’>click ‘Quit OS X Utilities.’ To restart your computer.
  11. Now, enter your new password to log in.

The changed password will get applied after your reboot your computer.

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