How to Rank Higher on Google: SEO Tips of 2019

Google always prefers websites which contain valuable content for users. The reason behind most of the users preferring Google as their primary search engine is that they have experienced that Google only shows websites that are relevant to their search term or query.

So the best way to rank a website is to provide specific, valuable, fresh, and relevant content to the users of Google to rank higher. If you focus more on your SEO rather than the content, than you can never rank high on Google.

On-page Optimization

Check if anything is stopping the Google bot(spider) from reading your website. Check the below settings to know if something is preventing your site to index on the search engines:

  1. Check the settings of your website, if you find any option like search indexing, then make sure it allows the search engine to read the  content of your website.
  2. Check the “robot.txt” settings of your site if any link is disallowed, then allow it.  [to check robot.txt settings type your full domain address and then put oblique then type robot.txt and hit enter to get results of blocked URLs].
  3. Make an excellent internal linking of your website. Search engines mostly prefer a good internally linked site. It also helps the flow in search engine bots throughout your site.
  4. Never try using duplicate content from any website. It can result in completely blocked a website from Google.
  5. Content should be relevant to the keywords used in it. Google has artificial intelligence, which can understand and read text content. So make sure the content must be well optimized with the keywords of your business.

Google Webmasters Tool

Always index your site by uploading the sitemap to Google’s Webmasters. To submit a sitemap into Webmaster, follow the guide below:

  1. Create a new Sitemap of your website.
  2. Copy the URL of your Sitemap.
  3. Go to Google Webmasters.
  4. Click on “Submit Sitemap.”
  5. Paste your sitemap URL link here and then hit the submit button.
  6. It takes almost two days to 1 week to get an effect of sitemap submission.

The content is the king of all SEO. There is no way to rank higher if you don’t have valuable and fresh content. So, focus on content and try to put content more in words because Google only understands the text. When your website gets enough unique and helpful content for readers, then you can start the article submission strategy to built backlinks to reach on the highest place on Google search results.