How to prevent apps from tracking your location

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Nowadays many of the apps you use can track down your location as whenever you install an app, you often don’t notice the app access to your contacts, messages and your location and it can reveal a lot of information about your activity.

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If you’re about worried about your privacy and want to prevent the app from tracking your location, then read on. Here are the tips to restrict apps from accessing your location.

Steps to stop location tracking on different mobile devices

Google Pixel 3

If you’re using Google Pixel 3, then follow these steps:

–     Open “Settings”

–     Then go to “Security & location.”

–    Now press “Location.”

–    And then switch off “Use location.”

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

If you’re operating Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, then follow these steps:

–     Visit “Settings”

–    Press “Connections“

–    Go to Location

–    Then select switch it off.

Huawei P20 Pro

If you use Huawei P20 Pro, Then These steps you’ve to follow:

–    Open “Settings”

–    Go to “Security & Privacy”

–     Press “Location services.”

–    Then switch off Access to my location.

By doing this will restrict your location tracking information

Steps to merely prevent specific apps on mobile devices

If you think that turning off location tracking also has some disadvantage like if your phone goes missing and it won’t be able to track down as you’ve toggle off your location. You can selectively switch off specific apps that you don’t like to have your location access, you can follow these steps:

Google Pixel

If you operate Google Pixel, Follow these settings:

– Open “Settings”

 – Go to ‘Apps & notifications.”

–  Press Advanced. 

– Then tap “App  Permissions.”

– And select “Location.”

Samsung Galaxy

If you’re using Samsung Galaxy

–     Open “Settings

–     Go to your “Apps.”

–     Press Menu (three dots at upper right)

–    Tap “App permissions.”

–    Then select “Location.”


If you use a Huawei device, then these steps you’ve to follow:

–     Go to your “Settings.”

–    Press “Apps & notifications.”

–    Tap “Permissions”

–    Then select “Your location.”

Analyze the list again and make sure you switch off anything that can access your location.

How to restrain location tracking on an iPhone

–    Open your ‘Settings.’

–    Go to “Privacy’

–    Tap “Location Services”

–    Then switch off your “Location Services.”

How to delete your already recorded location history

In case you want to remove data that companies have previously recorded then follow these steps:

On an Android phone

–    Make sure that you already signed into your Google account

–    Now you’ve to press the red button “Delete Location History.”

On iPhone

–    Open “Settings”

–    Go to your “Privacy.”

–    Tap “Location Services”

–    Then scroll down to “System Services.”

–    Press “Significant Locations”

–    Then press “Clear History” which you’ll find in the lower part. Hope this article helped you.

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