How to Pause Download on PC and Resume it on Phone

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Sometimes, you are downloading a file on your computer but suddenly have to shut the system down. Turning off the system will pause the downloading until you don’t resume it and you might take a long time to resume the downloading. Well, there is a workaround enabling you to resume the download. The method neither wastes time nor has you to wait for longer.

You can dodge the interruption with this easy and straightforward method which lets you download the file anywhere. All you need is a phone or a handset with a web browser and an internet connection. The best web browser for the process is Mozilla Firefox which is capable of executing the whole the process with fewer possibilities to show error. If you are going somewhere right now, and want to download the huge file as well, then follow the method and complete your download.

How to pause downloading on PC and resume it on phone

  1. While the file is downloading, determine the folder where it will be stored.
  2. Now, pause the download and close the web browser.
  3. Navigate to the folder where the file stored. The file must be saved with “.part” extension.
  4. Rename the file and by adding [old] as a prefix.
  5. Now, select the file and select copy from the drop down.
  6. Open the connected device drive and right click on it.
  7. Select to paste the copied file.
  8. Launch the same web browser in your handset.
  9. Open the download page and begin the downloading.
  10. Save the location for the downloading file.
  11. Now, find the same file on the device.
  12. Delete the new “.part” file and select the [old] named file.
  13. Rename the file by removing the [old] prefix.
  14. Now, resume the download of the file.
  15. You will notice the downloading has begun from where it was paused.

Once the downloading is complete, you can open the file in your handset. Remember, while sending the file from computer to the device, you can use the memory card as well. Insert the memory card in your handset, later, will also let you continue the process to resume the download in a phone.

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